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Movie classification

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The first movie I watched since I came back to Malaysia was House Bunny.

It was classified as U; umum or universal, take your pick.

Basically, anyone could watch it.

Watching it, I was surprised with this classification. I thought, hey, maybe Malaysia is getting more and more open minded.

The last movie I watched was Twilight. It was classified as 18PL; PL stands for pelbagai, which means variety. The said variety is due to the inclussion of the various issues that should not be shown to those below 18; this includes “strong violence, gore, horror/terror, sex scenes, nudity, sexual dialogues/references, religious, social or political aspects”, as said in wikipedia.

Now it is classified as 13-PG. I suppose they realize it is futile to bar the below 18 girls that are the main audience of Stephenie Meyer’s book and the movie.

I was rather shocked, to be honest, when I saw the classification of the movie being 18PL. Having read the book, there’s nothing really that I could think that would warrant such classification. Watching the movie, even more so. Nonetheless, as I’ve mentioned in my Book vs Movie post, they cut the “heavy” make-out scene where it ends with Edward flying across the room, afraid to go on.

I found it funny; I thought I would never see an English guy–in any circumstances, movie or not–would reject anything sexual. I don’t know; I imagined an English actor would reject the script. I guess not now.

Remember that when I watched, the movie was still classified as 18PL; and the ticket sellers were not supposed to sell tickets to those under 18. Supposed being important here, as the movie was full with teenagers which shouted “I love you Edward!!”

And still they saw it fit to cut the scene.

Heck, it wasn’t actually heavy in the first place; hence the inverted commas!!

IMBP stated that the movie is classified as PG-13 in the US due to “some violence and a scene of sensuality.”

Sensuality, not sexuality.

However, House Bunny, which was classified as U in Malaysia, was classified PG-13 in the US due to “sex-related humor, partial nudity and brief strong language.”

What is the censorship board in Malaysia thinking? That people would be able to detect sensuality as something almost sexuality but actual sexual jokes wouldn’t ring the same bells?

When the term “masochist” was used in Twilight, it didn’t mean anything sexual.

However, in House Bunny, one of the guys was truly a masochist, even if they didn’t mention it. Oh please,  he enjoyed it when one of the female characters twisted his nipples.

And Anna Faris wore such slutty outfits in there!! And baking penis-shaped cookies? And all the various sexual innuendos!! Man hole and what nots.

Why can’t the cinema owners be more cautious with the classification? Why make a joke out of it?

And why can’t the government make it so dire to them if they did allow anyone below 18 to watch a movie that they’re not supposed to? Then maybe actual adults who could watch the movie could watch the movie in its full glory; political and religious rantings be damned.

Really, if the government wants to protect the minds of kids, why can’t they enforce the law properly instead of cutting scenes that might even be important in understanding the movie? I am not saying that the making out scene in Twilight was important; it really wasn’t. Did they even have an actual making out scene in the book anyway? Can’t remember and not going to bother.

Maybe I should have watched Sex and the City in Malaysia and make a comparative analysis there. They did have an actual sex scene there!! And it was somewhat important to show that Miranda and Steve’s relationship has somewhat mended and they were having sex with each other again after 6 months of “abstinence”.

Sex was important in the show after all. Heck, the title of the show was Sex and the City after all!!

I just don’t get why they even bother having those various classification. Why can’t the censorship board forget the pretense of having classification and just butcher the movie as they like and make people so dissatisfied with the movie, they’ll try get it off pirated DVD sellers anyway? Or download it from the internet, as it is so popular nowadays.

Not really helping the copyright owners there, right?

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