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God. Will this ever stop haunting me?

The absolute worst fashion crime one could ever commit is wearing leggings!!

Those things are disgusting. It is utterly unacceptable to be wearing them in public!!

Don’t you know how stupid you look in those?

They’re a piece of underwear. Not part of the outer clothing!!

You should not show the footless ends to the world; wearing leggings with boots is acceptable.

God; Malaysians just follow fads from colder countries, don’t they? Without knowing the reasons?

I thought I would be free of legging wearers when I left England. But noooo!!!!

The reason why people in colder countries wear leggings is because it is cold. Not to make themselves look decent, because that would be the anti-thesis of decent since LEGGINGS IS A PIECE OF UNDERWEAR!!!

To wear leggings to work makes them look utterly unprofessional. Like you want to show off your underwear. Or you’re too poor to afford actual pants/trousers!!

And it is utterly daft to be wearing them with skirts!! Just because you’re wearing them, doesn’t actually allow you to wear ridiculously short skirts!!

And to be wearing them with skirts longer than midthigh is even more horrendous!!!

I absolutely can’t believe that they made Kristen Stewart wear leggings to the bloody prom!!!!!!!!!!

And the cardigan. Goodness!!

Fine, it is pretty; on its own. But the combination…


And to wear tennis shoes to prom??? Even though you have a cast on your other leg?

God bless Stephenie Meyer for “making” Bella wear strappy stileto heels in the book!!

The prom was an utter disappointment, to me. Because that scene was the main reason why I wanted to watch the movie.  And that Alice and Rosalie not even being there… I mean, seriously!!!!!!!!!

The place was beautiful; much better than having a prom in the gym, I suppose. However, it make sense to have the prom in the gym when the population of the town is only 3200 people.

And the overrepresentation (in my opinion) of minority races in the movie!!!

Yeah, can’t win with me, I suppose. Hate the conservatives, but hate the politically-correct-minded-liberals as well. Gahh!!

Seriously, would a small town such as Forks be so multiracial?


  1. December 5, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    Ahhhh, don’t “hate” on leggings! I mean if LiLo (Lindsay Lohan) wears them, it must be “ok” right? LOL


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