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I’m “making” my own Christmas cards this year.

Quite sad that I don’t have the variety of adorable Christmas cards that are available in England.

I know I know!! But the pretty Hallmark cards in Malaysia are ridiculously expensive. The same amount spent in England would have gotten me 20 cards compared to just one card here.

And they say English inflation is bad. Seriously!!

Fresh milk is cheaper in England than in Malaysia!! Always have been!!

OMG I wanna drink Jersey milk. Yum!!

Well, clothes are expensive. Which was why I didn’t shop there. Hahaha. 😛

Okay fine; some of the cards are pretty and more expensive there, of course.


So I decided, why don’t I just sketch for my friends?

I think I mentioned Vampire Suicides before. However, I’m not sure.

You know Bunny Suicides by Andy Riley?

Instead of bunnies, Vampire Suicides would have vampires.

However, the vampires would exclude the Stephenie Meyer breed since they could only be killed by burning them altogether.

That’s just morbid and wouldn’t ever be funny, I think.

It’ll be the typical vampiric death; sunlight, holy water, silver… ladida.

However, I have problems to even sketch Count Von Count!! After staring at the picture for one whole day. Pathetic, really.

Anyone who even jokingly ask me to draw Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson, I’ll soooo kick your ass, regardless you’re in UK or Malaysia or Austria or wherever else on the World you are. I’ll make sure I get the sharpest pointed shoes I can find and wear it when I kick your ass.


And I’ll draw with lipstick on your face a stickman and write out the name you referred to.

And maybe give you some tangled hair for token.

Anyway; so because I can’t draw a vampire, even a simplified version, I gave up with the idea of Vampire Suicides.

It wouldn’t be as funny written, no? Beda? What do you think about it?

Also, Halloween has passed. So not as fun.

And seriously; is vampire just the easiest thing for you people to dress up? Buy fangs and wear anything you want!! On a budget. Tada!!

So I thought, what would be more suitable for Christmas?

White Christmas= snow!!!


So I decided to start sketching Snowman Suicides instead. Hahahahaha.

Much much easier to draw, thank you very much. Hahaha. Though his tophat gets more and more angled the later I draw.

I drew several pictures actually. A snowman sunbathing, another “warming” itself by a fire, another barbecuing… Only one saw remotely like committing suicide; the one with the hairdryer like a pistol at its head.

So in the end everyone is getting that.


And when I finished sketching, I realize how pathetic it is, since I am not coloring and only one snowman present? How pathetic. And plain.

So I am writing a story that would suit the said receipient. Hopefully anyway.

I don’t know how to color the snowman!! I’m sorry!!!

Hopefully you would find the story funny!!

Sigh. I wish I am more creative than that.

I should have gotten cards instead. Sigh.

Oh well.

Who knows, one day I might be a comic strip artist and you guys got the honor of receiving my first drawings!!

After my art teachers, that is. Hahaha.

Sigh. Wish I was like Van Gogh.

Alright alright!! His talent then.


I am soooooo not looking forward to this Christmas.


I should be celebrating Christmas and New Year’s in LONDON!!!!



Carrickfergus is my theme song right now.

“I wish I was… In Carrickfergus…”

Well, not Carrickfergus specifically; same county nonetheless.

Faliq now has his nutcase who “can’t swim further”; Twilight‘s Carlisle Cullen, who swam to France.

Even though he didn’t actually swim to Carrickfergus…

Still, tickled me to no end.

I still love the Twilight OST!!!!!

OMG *swoons*

Flightless Bird, American Mouth!!!! I dunno man; such a hippy song to me. Smoke weed while listening to it.

Don’t know why they pick the song for the prom scene. Sigh.

I need to try keep still till the day the Score comes out.


*Falls in love with Carter Burwell’s awesomeness*

Hahahahahaha 😛

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