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I must have broken even my own personal record. However, I am not so sure.

I bought 12 books; 3 of them on the thick side, 2 of them being New Moon and Breaking Dawn.

I was trying to imagine how heavy it would be if I bought the Harry Potter series and the Inkworld series as well. My arms would have fallen off. And with my medications, I would not stop bleeding, I think.

So sad; die because I bleed to death and the injury being my arms fell of because I bought too many books at one go.

I’m not the strong person I was in England.  God, Malaysia has made me weak!!

I mean, regardless of the thickness of Breaking Dawn, the paper is still of a lower quality compared to Chalmers!!

I remember having to climb up that feckin slope up to return seven law textbooks.

My fault for procrastinating.


All thick books at that!!

I thought I was going to fall down backwards.

I bought the boxset of McCall Smith’s. Hahaha.

From my first Health Care seminar, I’ve been sooo curious of McCall Smith.

My tutor spoke of him with great envy, or should I say jealousy?

Hehehe. And since then, I’ve been wanting to read Prof Smith’s fictional books, since I have read the Health Care Law books. Haha.

And finally!! I would be able to!!

My dentist friend loves his Detective Agency series.

However, for me, the book that caught my eye was 44 Scotland Street.

I saw the book when I returned to Selangor after my first trip to Penang.  Okay more like my first trip where my mother drove to Penang.

There’s this notorious road in Penang called Jalan Scotland (jalan means road) which will always appear during a traffic report.

And our house number is no.44.

I don’t know. I just found it amusing.

I procrastinated on buying it for quite some time.

Even with such blatant jealousy was shown by my tutor, I procrastinated.

Oh, this said tutor, before that, I thought he didn’t have feelings such as envy, much less jealousy.

I thought it must be damn good. Hahahaha.

And after seeing the boxset was going at RM125 on, I said to myself, I must buy the books. It’ll be only RM25 per book!! Almost RM10 less!!

Oh, why I bought the rest of the Twilight saga is because I am buying most of the American print books I want as soon as possible before Obama officially becomes the President of US and making people even more confident with USD and the USD would appreciate and the American print books would go up in price…

I know!! It sounds as if I am going to buy stocks instead of mere books. I know!! I’m paranoid!!

I really should stop “monitoring” the exchange rate. It’s slowly driving me insane…

Oh, I saw The Tales of Beedle the Bard… It is thin!!!!!


After seeing Harry Potter with its ridiculous thickness… I expected the book to be just as thick; or at least as thick as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which is about double the thickness of Beedle the Bard.

I’m just… surprised.

Not to mention that the books goes at RM49.90.

Dum dee dum.

The reason why I hate hardcovers.

I just do.

And goddamn it!! I’m excited by the Twilight saga binding.


Seriously man… So no life.

I’m going to try find other books by Little, Brown. If their binding is this good.

Oh, and I love Taylor Swift!!!

Country music!!

Man… I am trying to imagine how it would be if I was actually born in Nashville, TN.

It’s just boggles a lot of people; how I came to like country music when my mother can’t stand it. And especially the only time I spent in Nashville was the 7 months my mother was there, defending her thesis.

Just imagine if I was actually born in Nashville.

Hahaha. I might even be a country music singer or anything that is related to it.


Okay off to baking cookies for Eid, which is this coming Monday.

Man I wish I was in England and could avoid all these crap.


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