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East coast baby!!

December 6, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Actually, not quite East Coast. Hehehe. More like midlands… Not really east or west. Still, Pahang is an East Coast state!!

And my kampung still suffers from East Coast monsoon floods (okay, fine, I can’t remember what it is called anymore. Blek). Weeee!!!

So there will be rain!!

And hopefully, floods!!

Hahahaha. My mother would hate that though.

Still!! I find it exciting!! I love the rain.

Sometimes I question the fact that Capricorn is an Earth sign. I feel so close to water!! I miss Lake Side; I really do.

I wanted to play in the rain just now. It was ridiculously heavy and it was the rare times that I was actually awake during a rain. Hahaha. However, I was busy baking, so I couldn’t go out and play.


So hopefully, before I turn 22, I could do something really stupid like playing in the rain alone, with probably all my nieces and nephews seeing and bothering my cousins whether they can join their crazy aunt.

Man, 18 more days…

Sigh. I know it is impossible to even think of breaking Cecelia Ahern’s record, what with not even having written a novel; how the heck am I supposed to publish one?

And me, publish?


What a joke.

I’ll go continue envying Edward Cullen.

Because really, there’s nothing to envy Bella Swan for.

A good looking boyfriend? Big whoop that is!!

One that doesn’t shower.


So here’s to over over packing; bringing waaayyyy too many black T-shirts. Hahahahaha.

I still need to be decent!!!!

And Vic, lovely lovely letter!!

And I apologize everyone; my Christmas cards will be a little bit late. Sigh.

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