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I’m too lazy to think of a title before I actually come up with the post.

I have several “entries” typed on Words files… However, I feel too lazy to open My Documents folder; it has waaayyyyy too many files in it and I know it is high time that I arrange them neatly into folders… Especially my essays!!!!!

It almost drove me crazy, having only New Moon to read without any books padding it in between.

Bella’s obsession really drives me nuts. How perfect Edward’s whatever is. Goodness!! Like… bleargh!!

Do you people really want such obsessive kind of love? I mean, seriously?

Well, count me out then. I still need my space.

I mean, for the love of God, spending practically every second together… Good thing that Edward can’t read Bella’s mind man.

For someone who has a private mind, she really doesn’t care about her privacy; or at least, not when it is exposed to Edward.

Why do I read the book then, you would ask?

I am currently reading just about anything that is popular. I have read a “how to write wonderfully” type book, which I have dumped somewhere else that I wouldn’t be able to see it so I wouldn’t be annoyed with it, so I can’t actually tell which exactly was it. Seems that the way I write pretty much is the opposite of what a good writer write. Huh, why am I surprised, since my logic seem to be most unconventional?

I am quite surprised that she is a bestseller, to be honest. Her writing is like a typical Mary Sue fanfiction. I suppose people do like Mary Sue fanfiction. Though hers is not really “fanfiction”, I guess.

Still, I want to keep an open mind. So I’ll research on how people actually do go about telling their stories instead of reading failed writers telling how one should actually write. You know what they say; those that can’t, teach.

Though I do need another book to stop my eyes from popping out or my optic nerves being squished due to all the eyerolling I would do, reading Bella’s obsession over Edward.

I mean, seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not really my cup of tea, seriously. I don’t like obsessive love or hate; obsessive whatever, really.

Nonetheless, I admit that I am obsessive of my obsessive-whatever hatred.

The irony; the obsessive-hater is obsessive herself.

Well, life is full of irony.

It wasn’t much of a choice, to be honest. I didn’t really feel like using my laptop, though I felt like I was revising for some Harry Potter exam thanks to my cousin, who insisted on watching all 5 movies with me. I have no idea why she wants to watch it, considering she doesn’t actually understand English!! This is my youngest cousin, who would only be starting school next year.

Even when I am soooo sleepy and want to go to bed, she insists that we continue with the 5th film.

I was soooo greatful that they haven’t showed the 6th movie. If not I’ll just konk out at the verandah for everyone to see. It was the night before Eid.

I still can’t believe that Cho and Harry made out in front of Cedric’s picture. Mistletoe schmistle toe.

And she’s been crying over Cedric’s death?

Wow… she’s coping really well… Being able to make out with another person in front of your dead boyfriend’s picture.

And isn’t it like more eerie in Harry Potter’s world? Where the pictures are able to move and talk?

I kept expecting the picture to yell out “HOI!! SLUT!!” or something.

Or yell “THEFT!!” with a thick Scottish accent instead of Pattinson’s usual accent that they used in the movie.

That would be funny. Heee.


I miss England.

I forgot to bring back butter, so no baking for me to do once we arrived.

And my family didn’t allow me to enter the kitchen.

They’re paranoid.

They’re scared that I would really turn into a vegetarian. So it was a full scale campaign to prevent me from being one. They brought in religion as well; how it would be wrong since God made animals that we could eat to be eaten, ladida.

I told my mother I was thinking about it, 2 weeks ago.

I suppose she told the family.

It is quite scary, I think, for Malays… when a Malay wants to turn vegetarian.

My mother just can’t accept it. No way. Her vegetables always have meat in it without fail. Seriously.

Here I am, someone whom she finds so hard to buy vegetables for, wanting to turn vegetarian.

Someone who doesn’t like to eat aubergine, by the way.

Me no likey aubergine.

Amni says that she refuses to eat anything green.

Me, my vegetables must be green. Which is why I don’t eat carrots, aubergine, cauliflower, etc.

I think my mother put two and two together and got seven; I told her that I wanted to be a vegetarian about the same time I started getting paranoid about my psych wanting to take my blood every other month to make sure my blood isn’t too thin or whatever not.

Don’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnttttt!!!!!

My blood is precious!! No taking it just to make silly experiments like checking whether my blood is too thin or whatever. Shouldn’t they be relieved; I wouldn’t have blood clots or whatever?

Or maybe they’re paranoid I would bleed to death. I wouldn’t!!

Okay fine; with my record, it is possible, I suppose.


And few days ago I told my mother that I don’t want another sacrifice made for me; I think we have done more than enough…

I also said that I don’t want any more blood be spilled under my name…

Yeah, a bit taking the blood thing further.

Maybe I was a Jehovah Witness in my past life; just a very selective one since I’ve no problem with blood transfusion. I need the blood!! Now give it to me!!

Too bad that the blood supply is always much lower than its demand. No thank you; I am stingy with my blood.

Unless I cut myself “naturally”, where I would usually try to bleed myself as much as possible.

I know; I’m quite retarded.

So my family actually locked me in the house before they went to the sacrifice spot to watch the blood fest. 5 cows. Man. Damn alot of blood. And the bloody meat… Eeeeee!!! And this with all the flowing blood already out!!

Good thing I was born a Muslim. Urgh, after helping Shan with her non-halal chickens… Makes me reluctant to eat non-halal meat. Bleurgh.

They stuffed me with so much meat. Man… I don’t think I can face red meat anytime soon. Just… bleurgh. No thanks.

Somehow their stuffing me with meat is making me really consider turning into a vegetarian. Not really long term, I think. But who knows? I love tofu. Weeee!!!

I don’t mind eating tofu all the time though. My mother would. Hahaha.

I love Japanese tofu. Yum!!

Nani being a vegetarian. Surely my family wouldn’t be able to accept it.

I was the latest amongst my first cousins to start eating vegetable. However, I see that my record might be broken by my youngest cousin; she still refuses to eat vegetable and wouldn’t accept all the coercian by the rest of the family.

Strong kid; okay more like very stubborn.

Still, it is not difficult being a vegetarian, to be honest. Just don’t eat meat.

And being a vegetarian doesn’t always mean one eats healthily either.

Someone who is a vegetarian might be surviving on cereal, or bread and peanut butter.

Not very healthy, right?

I, of course, had “work” to do.

I have 2 projects.

One is to write on “alternative sexuality in Malaysia.” The second is come up with something for the MPH fiction writing competition.

I don’t know if I would be able to do either.

The MPH fiction writing competition “strongly encourages” contestants to write something Malaysian related.

I am quite lousy when it comes to writing about my own culture. I don’t know… That’s just me.

I prefer to get swayed by fantasy than turning real life into fiction. I don’t know.


Still, I got the permission of one of my friends for the alternative sexuality part.

Considering I have so many experience with “queers”, I still have problems writing about them.

I suppose to me, it is not really my place to tell their story.

Oh I don’t know.


Oh well.

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