Lunar eclipse

December 11, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was looking at the pictures I took of the March 2007 lunar eclipse.

My previous camera really sucked. An Olympus; I can’t remember which one already.

Still, I suppose before the eclipse I was content with it.

Vic has a DSLR. However, it was out of battery. Quite weird.

Oh well; I suppose it wasn’t meant to be. God wanted us to appreciate it with our eyes. After all, we could just google it and get much better pictures of it, I suppose.

Most of my pictures were shaky since I couldn’t use my flash. And I can barely see the brick redness of the moon.

Man, made me miss England; obviously. Hahaha. I missed lying on the grass, just staring at the sky. It really is something. I don’t know why I felt comfortable doing that there but not here. Probably because only my coat would get dirty, I suppose. And I don’t own light colored coats.  Eh wait, actually I do. Hahaha.

And yes; present tense. I still have my bright turquoise coat in my wardrobe; my wardrobe. Not in the guest room closet.

Sometimes when I’m nuts I would wear my coat about in my room. I know; quite crazy. Hahaha.

Anyway, looking at the pictures, regardless how blurr it is, made me realize, my situation now… It’s like a lunar eclipse.

You know how lunar eclipse can only happen during a full moon?

Light would signify happiness, don’t you think?

I think I was at my happiest when I was in England.  Seriously. I don’t know how and why; but I felt absolutely contented. I felt like I was going home instead of away from home. Of course, the first time I was there I was scared shitless of being away on my own; only 18, and the PSD decided that the scholars should fly to Manchester and be picked up there instead in Heathrow. I was bloody scared.

Still, when I went back during my first Christmas break, when I came back in January, I felt like, yes!! I’m coming home!!

You know how the Earth’s shadow would swallow the light on the moon bit by bit? And taking a much longer time than solar eclipse? That’s part of the reason why I don’t think solar eclipse would fit the description.

And how the phases could be seen for a longer period?

Yeah… I felt like the light was being taken away slowly from my life. Slowly but surely, throughout my degree period…

And how the moon, when passes through the umbra, doesn’t disappear, but turns red instead?

And how a much larger area could witness the eclipse?

I’m in that phase now, I think. Full lunar eclipse, when it is red in color. I wonder when I would start getting back the sunlight to be reflected back to Earth.

Hopefully, this feeling that I am experiencing lunar eclipse in my life would mean that I would one day be back in the UK. Seriously man, I feel like that’s my home. Never felt more at home than in England.

They say home is actually with a person; I think not.

I think for me it is a country; a foreign country at that.

It is interesting that my url, lewanna, actually means moon in hebrew. Cool, huh?

Never thought it’ll be like this.

When I picked it, it was more because I am usually up at night.

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