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Oh, not the show; I don’t watch TV.

It’s opportunity cost; an economic term… Concept… Whatever.

My mother strongly believes that everyone should be taught the concept of opportunity cost since they’re young.


Especially Malaysians, and the people of my generation.

She has good reasons for it; I am too lazy to list them out. I agree with her though.

And I think, she would love Stephenie Meyer just because she mentions opportunity cost, regardless whether the term is used correctly or not. I have a feeling it is used wrongly, though I’m not sure. My mind is half gone as I need to keep my sanity.

Page 471 if anyone is curious. Of New Moon.


Hmmm… Maybe Edward meant… the opportunity cost of having Bella’s blood is loosing the opportunity to have her company?

Oh crap; I’m not sure the exact meaning of opportunity cost already!!

Oh well. Like it’s so surprising. I can’t even remember how many section the Human Rights Act 1998 has.

Though I can remember how many provision and amendment the US Constitution has; 7 Articles and 27 Amendments.

I know right!! Crazy!! And I’m not even American!!


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