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Stephenie Meyer loves commas.

I just finished New Moon, and throughout, I realized, yeah, she loves commas.

Okay, I know she loves adverbs and to use it correctly you need to use commas.

Still, she loves it a lot.

I came to that conclussion during the part where after Edward’s “failed suicide”… While they were talking to one of the Volturi, Aro…

I tell you what is making me look forward to New Moon the movie.

It is as silly as wanting to see the dress they wear for the prom as in Twilight. Actually, silly-er.

I wanna see how the actor who plays Aro laughs.



In the book, Aro laugh with commas. Like ha, ha, ha. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it. Who in the world laugh with commas anyway? With pause between the has?

Aro the Italian vampire does.


It’s funnier than hearing Amni say “lol” in real life. Laughter with commas!!


I suppose she was affected as I was when I watched Ed.

I mean c’mon!! She named her main character Edward after all.


Oh, Ed is a TV show. The main character, Ed, is a lawyer who got fired from his job in a big firm because of a comma in a contract. A contract which was more than one inch thick; because of one comma.

So probably she thought, better overdo than under-do it. Hehehe.

And I think I prefer overdoing it than under-doing it. After all, we could still understand that it was laughter. However, when there are commas missing in a sentence… People might be confused as to what the author is trying to say, right?

Oh of course I have a book and an author in mind. A Malaysian author, in fact. I’m not going to mention names though. He commented on one of my other blog, and I think he was really really offended that I pointed it out.

Dum dee dum.

Heee 😛

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