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Need… to… stop… being… vampire-ish… (okay fine; not the Stephenie Meyer kind which never sleeps)

Need to stop being crepuscular as well; the twilight would just have to be missed (NB: to me, the word “twilight” has always been the morning one; not evening. The evening one is too commonly enjoyed, and the color changes are not as fascinating).

Need to remember to not even consider going out of the house without any sunblock; have turned into a cooked lobster more than enough and anti-histamines are just too expensive now. Miss robbing the English out of their tax money through HC2 certificate.  Sigh.

Need to use the brakes more often.

Need to go to bed now.

Will update later.

Man, not looking forward to going into downtown KL. Sigh…

Oh, to cheer you guys up… Here is such a cute lolcat:

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

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