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You really wouldn’t want that to happen on your engagement celebration.

However, that’s what happened at the engagement of my mother’s friend’s daughter. There was an overload of the use of electrical appliances that the fused got burnt. Is that how you say it? The bulb getting burned? Oh well. It got short-circuited, how about that?

At first, I thought it was some special effect or what not; that the boy’s side was coming soon, so they want it dark ladida.

I was wrong; they didn’t want a romantic setting after all. Hehehehe.

Or maybe they did; the white lights were off. Only the yellow lights were used. Oh well.

I am not going to talk about the party, regardless of the title of this post.

I am going to talk about how I had to suffer baking cupcakes for the ceremony. Sucks, really, especially since I don’t really like the girl, and she was mean to another of my mother’s friend’s daughter. They share the same name, and when someone asked her if she (the one who is only engaged now) knows how to contact the other girl, she said, “oh you mean the ugly one” (okay loosely translated). The other is now married, by the way. She’s on the plum side (ok fine she is overweight), but she has nice features and is really nice. I like her.

This one, I don’t really like her. She makes me feel like a kid and always seem condescending. And she’s not that pretty either. Both are dark, and fine she’s slimmer. However, she has small tiny eyes; Chinese eyes with Malay skintone is really not that nice. In fact, her eyes are smaller than mine. I thought that her fake eyelashes that she wore overwhelmed her eyes. But who am I to say eh?

Oh, yeah, didn’t stop me.


So I had to make cupcakes. I won’t go into the reason why since I just discovered that someone reads this blog and could just slip it to my mother my complains. Bleh. I really think English Universities should give their academics more work. What is this man; they read crappy blogs and facebook all the time. Tsk tsk.

At first, I was supposed to just bake the cupcakes. Imagine my horror when my mother’s friend told me that my mother agreed that I would frost the thing as well.


The only time I’ve done the frosting was for Shan and Fatin’s birthday cake which they didn’t get to taste owing to their being in another continent and half way across the world from me… And that was ugly!!!

Urgh. It was so annoying!!!

And it wasn’t easy!!

Amni, you’re the only person I would do cupcakes for apart from her; coz I won’t be able to take it!! Cakes fine, but not cupcakes. I’ll go bonkers.

I don’t know how those people in +wondermilk have the patience to do that day in day out. But I guess they actually enjoy it.

Maybe I might enjoy it if I was doing it for someone I actually like; my own friend preferably. Then at least it would be labor of love or something.

This… and not getting paid for it.

Seriously man.


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