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December 17, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

It is my fault, I know that.

I forgot to bring a bottle of water with me. I left it on my mother’s car.

Ridiculously silly, I know.

Can’t believe it myself.

So now I am having a bitch of a headache thanks to that.

I’ll explain in a later post; currently I’m just trying to kill time without thinking much.

Today I spent most of my day driving around KL. The cab drivers refused to drive me to Jalan Duta, where the National Archives is located. They declared that it was “too deep into KL” and it would be almost impossible to get someone who wants a cab there.

While I was lost in that area, I wasn’t surprise; every house had at least 3 cars.

I made the wrong turning when I was near Seksyen 17; the spaghetti of roads… So I didn’t enter Jalan Semantan like I was supposed to. If I did, it would have been so easy.

So I ended up going around for so long. Sigh. Three times I round the place. Seriously it was so boring!!

At one point I saw a bus which was like the bus for the National Archives. So I followed it.

I ended up in Pudu; a bus station. Urgh!!

And when I was finally on the right course, it took me another 3 times to actually get the junction right; Taman Duta is one complicated place. Seriously.

By the time I got there, I only had enough time to look around and familiarize myself with it somewhat.


Okay partly my fault since I wanted to avoid the rush hour, I left at 4. However, by that time, I was getting the telltale of an incoming headache.

Still, KL being KL, I didn’t know where I could park for me to run to a convenience store to get a bottle of water.

I was also angry and moody, so I decided to treat myself to a movie; I watched Space Chimps. It was 10 times better than Twilight, even if they didn’t have such minuscule budget for the make up section and used another actress to portray Rosalie Hale (maybe Katy Perry or Leighton Meester. At least they are natural blonds!!). I loved the movie.

And I ran some errands… I wanted to get Yijun this learn Malay book by Edward S King. It looked good. However, while flipping through, I realized the accent signs on E’s were still there. Made me wonder if they just reprinted it without checking.

Don’t they know that Malay is the most fickle of languages? The people in Dewan Bahasa could just decide to change the rule of grammar in an instant, and every Malay language teacher and student would have to get used to the changes without complains.

People should really tell Mr King about this. Surely he should know?

So, sadly, I can’t think of a gift for her now. Sigh. I thought that would have been perfect.

To my Malaysian friends, I have your gifts here… Though for some of you I haven’t found one…  yet! I will send to you at your Malaysian addresses or when I see you. Heee. 😛

Alright, need to pee.

At least the headache has lessen…

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