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Getting lost in KL

December 17, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, yesterday I got lost in KL, as I’ve mentioned yesterday.

I hate the stupid 1-way roads and the lack of U-turns junctions for you to go back the way you came from.

Seriously; do they think people would just naturally know where the things are? It’s not as if the road signs are perfect anyway!!

Initially, I wanted to take a cab and look around at the roads that they take to get there. However, 3 cabbies said no to me, citing “Jalan Duta is too deep into KL” (translated, of course) for them to go and get back here. It’ll be impossible for them to be able to find customers that would wanna get to PJ again.

Feeling ridiculously pissed–especially since I waited in vain for my parcel (they came at 9.20, when I told the dude to come after 10. I was showering!! How am I supposed to hear the doorbell?) for 2 plus hours and almost another hour just to get 3 rejections from the available cabbies–I marched back home and got the car keys. Fine, I can do this, I thought to myself, and repeated my silly mantra (still not telling). I thought to myself, “I know how to get to Jalan Semantan; I should be fine”. I checked Google Maps the day before and saw that the road was reasonably straight forward.

Of course, what you see on the map is ridiculously different from what you actually see in real life.

The road signs, for one, will be impossible to find, especially on main roads. They just assume that when you drive, you know exactly where you’re going.

So I took the wrong turning and ended up going towards the city centre. Having hated even accompanying my mom when she drives into KL, I never actually concentrated how to go about in the city centre. I thought, I would just take the LRT every time I wanted to go into KL and get a cab from there.

I regret having that attitude now. Sigh.

When round and round the place; so long I saw a road sign for Jalan Duta, I followed. However, in the middle of it, I wouldn’t be able to find another road sign that tells me where to go to get to Jalan Duta.

And in the middle of things–I have no idea where I was; just that I was in KL–I saw a bus that had “Arkib Negara” (National Archive) painted on it. I followed the bus, only to be lead to the main bus terminal in KL for you  to  the other states.

Then, I just randomly drove around and managed to somehow get back to Damansara, where I made the right turning into Jalan Semantan and got onto some highway, and got me towards the right direction to Jalan Duta.

I missed the turning twice; the first because I didn’t consider the National Archive to be in the “Government Complex” (okay it really wasn’t), and when I passed the turning (I was on the highway and there was no way I could actually get to that road, since it had a divider), I saw the sign to the National Archive.


However, good thing that nearby, there was a roundabout. I made the turning, and there was a junction to get to the Government Complex… so I took it.

And went around Taman Duta, where the houses were huge and beautiful but the roads horrid. Loads of potholes. Seriously, don’t the residents there care about their expensive cars or do they have so much money they can’t be bothered? Seriouslyyyyy!!!

So I went around for nothing, because the road wasn’t connected somehow there.

I decided, fine, I’ll make the huge round I had to make.

Got lost while making the round.

Seriously man!! I hate driving in KL!!!!!!!!

No way am I working in KL itself. Unless in Damansara there. Not in the city centre. I will cry every morning if I drive to work.


And when I got there, it was like 3-something already, since I only left the house sometime after 1pm.

I only manage to familiarize myself with the place then. And then I left at about 4.30 to avoid the rush hour. I was scared if I might just lose it and hit the other cars and my mother will kill me due to the insurance that need to be paid and to cause an accident with the 3 month old car.

While driving, I was still angry. So I thought… why don’t I go watch a silly movie?

At first I thought of Cicakman, a Malay movie. Translated, is Geckoman; but we Malaysians call geckos lizard instead. So I am sure the translation would be Lizardman.

Unless the transformation I observed while I was watching Twilight caught on, it should be Lizardman.

Oh, I didn’t realize the translation in Space Chimps though. Too lazy. I just watched it, and since it was an enjoyable movie, I didn’t bother reading the subtitles.

It was… something.


I enjoyed the movie.

Am too lazy to tell you the story; don’t wanna spoil it.

I understand the feeling that Ham the 3rd go through. Totally.

Still, being a clown is not an option for me.

Oh well.

Do watch!! Highly recommended!!

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