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I think the author of this secret was high when he typed it out and pasted it on the picture.

Because, for the life of me, I can make sense of what he’s trying to say.

I think, what he is trying to say that is if (s)he was Edward Cullen, (s)he would suck the heroin’s blood out of her body and never let it in again… Though the latter part is a bit hard to understand… Could you put back people’s blood in once you’ve sucked it out? I mean… it’s not as if you extract it like the blood donation thingies and would be able to transfuse it back… right? And wouldn’t that be even more so for vampires? And especially one that craves her blood so much?

And don’t you think it is interesting that Edward likens her blood to heroin? And that she is the heroin of the story/movie/saga/etc?


Playing those… Well, we know that heroin makes one high… Sense of euphoria and all…

Now, if I was Edward, I wouldn’t crave Bella’s blood/heroin so much because I know… there’s a cheaper and more easily available drug which is legal and an over the counter drug that I could get high on; pholcodine!!!


Damn!! I miss that cough mixture!!

And to think that the GP gave me because it has a mild sedative effect that might help me sleep as well as stop my coughing!!

Hahaha. It just stopped the cough but made me high, waayyy too excited over everything and I couldn’t sleep. At all. I think I was awake for almost 4 whole days when I collapse and slept for 15 over hours straight.

Crazy, I know.

Still, I miss the drug. And I stupidly have kept forgetting to ask my doctors if pholcodine is available in Malaysia. It is definitely not available in normal pharmacies, that I know.

Damn!! I miss Boots!!!!!!


On the topic of boots, I would love a pair of Oxfords!! Not booties though; I think they look silly, somewhat. No idea why.

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