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Air Kota???

December 20, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

My aunt came on Sunday… after sending one of my cousins to her rented home at the area where she’s studying. She’s doing accountancy, so I guess she’ll be the first professional instead of me, since I don’t plan to practice law. Hee.

I didn’t know that she was coming with her eldest and youngest son, with the former bringing along his family as well.

And of course, my youngest cousin; she has to be brought. Refuses to be left at home, regardless whether it is her father or mother going away. Only exception is when my uncle goes to work.

The eldest son has 2 daughters, the first just two years younger than her youngest aunt and the other 3 years younger. Admire their aunt to bits; would follow just about anything that their aunt does.

Apparently, the said aunt told them how she tortured a fellow aunt (yours truly is the said aunt, in case you’re wondering) to watch all 5 Harry Potter movies the day before they arrived at our hometown. My mother and I left about an hour after they arrived; wanted to beat the KL rush hour.

And regardless of the fact that they, too, don’t speak or understand English, they wanted to watch the movie.

And kids being kids… Not being able to pronounce things correctly still, and added to the fact that they speak so fast… Harry Potter manage to turn into “air kota”. It is Malay; air means water, kota means… city, I guess? Mother is hoarding the Malay-English dictionary now.

Interesting, huh?

Oh, I manage to convince them to go to bed instead of watching such scary movies.

I am relieved that they’re finally comfortable around me. When I first met them during my cousin’s wedding, they were rather scared. After all, I doubt the elder one would have been able to remember me nursing and burping her when she was a wee 2 month old baby. And it was the first time I met the younger one.

And to not have been able to see my older nieces and nephews for 3 years. Oh my!! How they have grown!!

I feel old…


And it doesn’t help that there’s a guy in a batch below me has gotten married and another girl got engaged to be married after graduation!!

My my…

I feel like a spinster…



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