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Snowman suicides

December 21, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I realize that I haven’t sent all my Snowman Suicide Christmas cards. I feel horrid. It is soooo late already. And I haven’t even gotten the cards I want to send to my former tutors. I knoowww!!! So horrible!! Arrgghhhh!!! So tomorrow I definitely need to make time to go to 1Utama and get that gorgeous card that I gave to my personal tutor. I’m sending everyone that!! It’s just so pweedeeee!!!!

And I am sooooooo in lust over the new MacBook!!!! Waaahhhh!!! I waaannnttt!!! And so environmentally friendly too!!

I want a black MacBook. No white for me!

And the 2.4GHz one because it has illuminated keyboard!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!

OMG Twilight has made me so obsessed over the silly things in the movie; Bella’s MacBook, the Score, the original soundtrack, the unacceptability of Bella wearing leggings and tennis shoes to prom… Everything but the supposedly “perfect” Edward and the actor playing it.

But really, how am I supposed to think he looks perfect when I think he looked so much better playing Cedric Diggory?

Probably the “loyalty” to Diggory, I suppose.

I hate Harry Potter; the character.

Man, I feel like I should have screamed when the puuurrdeeeeeeeee MacBook came on screen.

It really was the prettiest thing in the WHOLE movie. Even the vampires looked ridiculous next to it.

To me anyway!!

Hahahahahaha 😛

Arrrggghhhh!!! I want a MacBook!!!!!!

6k is just so expensive man. I need to work!!! I need an actual job!!

Fine!! Will be hunting for one soon!!

Hope the recession wouldn’t hit Malaysia till I get a job!!

Or maybe I should wait patiently till the prices of everything crashes. Muahahaha.

This is such a bimbotic post. Just that I am not ogling a guy but a gadget. Hahahaha.

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