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I’m terribly pissed.

Okay, somewhat. I’m too sleepy to feel too pissed, though more than usually pissed since I am also annoyed over the fact that I can’t sleep.

I am tempted to open my Trust textbook again.

Sucks, especially when I was sooo sleepy when I went offline… And then I ended up staring at the ceiling.

I refused to open my copy of The Undercover Economist, or The Graveyard Book, or 44 Scotland Street. That would be a sure way for me not to fall asleep.

Remembering those days when I was reading His Dark Materials

Goodness, now that I realize, I seem to like British authors more than American now… Neil Gaiman, Philip Pullman, Alexander McCall Smith, Tim Harford…

Stephenie Meyer is really the odd one out, being from the other side of the Atlantic…

Anyway, back to the topic, and related to the last author…

So I thought, why not I read the book that least interest me as a book?

I’ve made no secret that her style of writing annoys the hell out of me. Jacob’s point of view is alright, but Bella’s just… unbearable. And the third book of Breaking Dawn is like reading Twilight all over again, but with 100 times the intensity…

Pretty much the intensity that Bella felt once she became a vampire.

Maybe I shouldn’t role my eyes too much; it might make my eyes less sleepy, what with the “exercise”?

Oh well.

But back to the topic!!

At p 451, Bella was utterly angry with Jacob for nicknaming her daughter after the Loch Ness Monster.

How could she!!!!!!

Such an insult that she felt insulted!!

I created a character with her first name as Nessie, but with an absolutely ridiculous surname. However, everything about her plays on the fact that she was really named after the Loch Ness Monster.

She was also “inspired” by one of my tutors who introduced herself with the first syllable of the nickname and ending it with an “a” sound instead of “ie” sound.

The said tutor’s also Scottish.

The full name of the character?

Nessie McLochlan.

I know; that’s how lame I could be.


However, don’t you think that it is such a cute name?

And to feel insulted for a person to nickname your child with such a ridiculous name with such a cute nickname…


Pisses me off. Hrmph.

And yes, I admit that I do sound like a southern Californian bimbotic blonde.

Why deny it? It’s in me. Blah.

PS: I no longer feel like tagging the entries on this series… I don’t know why; maybe because I’m a coward. Maybe because I can’t be bothered. Who knows?

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Reading the second book of Breaking Dawn, with Rosalie calling the fetus “baby” whereas most of the rest calls it “fetus”… It just reminds me of the anti-abortion seminar I had… And the silly criticism by Precious Life. Gosh… It really depends on how you see it, doesn’t it? Even doing Biology again and again and again wouldn’t make you see differently if you so want a baby.


I’m just disgusted with the things in the book.



Stephenie Meyer is definitely one of the people I would like to meet. I wonder, what the hell was she thinking when she was writing Breaking Dawn.

Just the last book.

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I return!!

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To the West Coast!!

Of Peninsular Malaysia, unfortunately.

Even though I’m an English Midlands “kind-of-girl”, I would kill to be on the West Coast of Britain. Preferably West Coast of Scotland. πŸ˜‰

Or West Coast of Ireland, perhaps? OMG just sooooo bee-you-ti-fool!!!!!!!!


And will be very reluctantly “handing over” a vial of her blood tomorrow.

Sniff sniff.

No, reading a book on how two people’s lives changed due to a blood transfusion still doesn’t change my view on this robbing of my blood by my doctors.

Especially since they use my blood to brew some funny concoction that would tell them whether my blood is too thin or not.


Shouldn’t they be able to tell it by my survival rate? That I haven’t died yet?

No, with blood, “prevention is better than cure” does not apply when it means taking my blood.

Don’t they know how precious it is?

*totally ignores the fact that bone marrows replenish the blood easily*

Still, I know I would sign the stupid letter and reluctantly give the nurse (great emphasis on that; MO suck at searching for my veins, regardless of how obvious it actually is. The blue lines, you idiot!!) my right arm.



Still, I love the book. I love the woman. Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern, I mean. πŸ˜›

I know, I know. I’m just sooo obsessed. Hahaha

I am soooo not prepared for tomorrow’s psych session. For the first time. Though I suppose I’ll just say maybe my unconscious mind is trying to protect itself which is why I somewhat “refuse” to remember ladida.

Really, my psych sessions sometimes seem like tutorials rather than therapy. Cool, huh?

Who said I need to do psychology to get these classes?

For RM5 a session!!


Anyway, yeah, the latest book I read by Ms Ahern has made me want to write again.

Though I do wonder… Does my reading more and more books limit my imagination or expand it? I don’t know… Somehow I feel like I keep thinking about the things that I read only and not that much of my original thoughts.

But I suppose… With so many thoughts out in the open now, we could just “recycle” the thoughts? Make it better?

I don’t know…

Oh well.


I’ll continue updating my blog later though. Hehehe.

Shoot!! I need to drive tomorrow.


PS: Car is in a horrid state now. My mother feels like letting me use the car all the time and drive her old car. Hehehe.

PPS: On a somewhat related note… if only by some weird coincidence; I still hate Diane Blood. Traditional vows and all the crap. Hmph. Even though I am no longer doing Health Care Law. Though, who knows, I might decide to go to University of Edinburgh and take Medical Law just to have Alexander McCall Smith as one of my tutors/lecturers… Just to say that one of my tutors was a bestselling author, and another one is sorely jealous of the former. πŸ˜‰

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Hahaha. So apparently I didn’t have to think too hard… I am going away anyway. Well, not really going away just yet, but will be away for 4 days, so I am not topping up my internet. So come midnight (Malaysian time), I wouldn’t have internet connection. Hahaha.

And I’ll be gone for 4 days starting Saturday; going back to my mother’s hometown during the Chinese New Year break.

To all my Chinese friends, Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Man, 3 new years in about a month. How cool is that? Last new moon, Muslim new year… This coming one… Chinese new year…

I don’t even know if the moon is even old yet. πŸ˜›


AND GODDAMN IT!! I WANNA GO LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Never did I thought that I would want to go to London this badly!! Arrrggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

No idea what should it be…

January 22, 2009 Leave a comment

I am currently staring at the drafts I left hanging without finishing it (I should actually be staring at my CV, which I closed just now due to having to restart my laptop, and search for a job) and wondering if I should finish it… Or should I just start from scratch???

Hmmmm… dum dee dum.

I really don’t know.

And I am too lazy to go downstairs to get my copy of Thanks for the Memories. I don’t feel like starting a new book, but my brain absolutely refuse to let me finish Eclipse. The annoying thing is that I have less than 200 pages to go.

It just blanks out!!

Who says the conscious mind is stronger than the unconscious hasn’t dealt with my brains!!

To which, I think, they would be eternally grateful for.

But I just don’t feel like starting a new book…


Maybe I should just try to figure out how to convince my mother to let me buy Dante’s Divine Comedy and Bulfinch’s Mythology this month while I could use the Kinokuniya postcard that Joshua sent me. It would save me almost RM50!!!!

I think she must be really annoyed. I promised her that once Obama officially becomes the President of the US, I would buy Malaysian books instead.

But these are classics!!!! And to save so much!!!!!!!


I sooooo should find a job. Sigh. Anyone have any idea what should I do?

Not journalism, please!! Too many deadlines for my taste; or at the very least, my current state of mind!!

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My mother has always dreamt of owning a set of Zwilling knives when her roommate while doing her PhD (she did it in Vanderbilt) got a set on sale.

However, never did she see the price that could satisfy her (or in her words, where the marginal utility is positive).

When I got back for my final year of my LLB, I discovered that I lost my knife; the must-have 9-inch knife.

I asked my mother, should I get a lousy knife and throw it away when I graduate or get a good knife and bring it back?

She thought back about her dream and asked me where could we get it.

The first thought was I love that website!! I miss it dearly… Sniff sniff.

We did ended up getting it on amazon. Hahaha.

I did cut myself on the second week of using them. Hahaha.

However, it was a very small cut. It was more like a papercut than a cut per se.

Today, on the other hand… I made a cut, big time.

Oh, I don’t need sutures… but it is on the bad side…

I made quite a big mess in the kitchen with my blood…

I was cutting onions when I cut myself. Of all the things I was chopping. It was soooo… urgh!! Sting like hell!!

My fault, to be honest. I was soooooo into reading Cecelia Ahern’s Thanks for the Memories (which, ironically, revolves around a blood transfusion) that I didn’t really looked at my hands chopping the onion with a ridiculously sharp knife.

Trust me to do such thing…

God… I hope my family wouldn’t turn into some Raja Bersiung because of it. Though I did try to clean it up as much as possible.

However, when you have thin blood…

Goodness!! It was like my blood absolutely refused to clot!! It soaked the tissue I used for a makeshift gauze.

As usual, I was thinking whether I would need a blood transfusion.

Really… Every time I bleed badly, I think about blood transfusion. I hardly say it out loud nowadays, after being shushed so often for saying that when I have my period when I was younger. Hahaha.

My cramps gets so bad, I usually go and see my doctor to ask for MC. And I would tell him “I think I need a transfusion”.

After about a year of that, he finally lost it and gave me a rather long lecture on how blood clots.

I was 12 or 13 at that time.

And to be honest, I’ve forgotten how it works. Hahaha.

Still, it didn’t help. I still think about it; just in my mind.

My mother was so horrible… she said maybe I became diabetic… The type with high glucose in my blood. She keep saying I eat too many sweet things. Hrmph. Proof that my blood is no longer sweet is the fact that mosquitoes avoid me.

Got me insulted at one point.

And when they started biting me again, I wish they stopped. Hahaha.

I know… quite dumb, but that’s me. Not exactly the brightest bulb.

So now… My mother thinks I shouldn’t use the knives.


I’m 22 already!!!!!


Oh, by the way, I think my leprechaun plushie can move… The last time I saw it was last week in my room… and just now I found it under the bed in the room I am currently sleeping in; the room my cousin is using.


PS: I soooooooo so so so so so so so want to board the first plane to London, pronto!! I wanna go baaaaaaaccckkkk!!!!!

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Romeo & Juliet

January 20, 2009 Leave a comment

I love country music.

I really do.

Which is why I absolutely love Taylor Swift.

I feel like I haven’t listened to anything else but her songs.


I finally got her Fearless album.

Ahh… finally!!

So no surprise that I am absolutely addicted to one of her songs; Love Story.

Well, it is my current obsession anyway. I am soooo unloyal. I have no loyalty; seriously.

Like, how I was going on and on and on and on about the Twilight OST?

I don’t listen to it anymore!! Hahaha.

Anyway, the characters in the song are Romeo and Juliet.

I am just curious how it inspired her song.

It’s just so bloody sweet!!

Of course, the song has a happy ending while the play doesn’t.

Still, me, a Shakespeare hater, reading… Shakespeare?

World gonna end, probably.

Hahaha. πŸ˜›