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Beautiful sight

The most amazing and beautiful sight that I’ve seen while I was in Britain wasn’t the scenary of the British countryside.

Admittedly they’re beautiful.

However, what tugged my heart the most is when I am walking around London or some big city (haha how few are those that I’ve been :P), and it is almost time for prayers… And while walking… I see someone standing at the most secluded corner possible around that area, performing the salat (I refuse to use the spelling that wikpedia used since it means wrong in Malay and prayers of any religion are never wrong).

Actually, I even saw that when I was in Paris and Italy.

Really amazing. It’s like, without fail, on the dot, when the start of the period for that particular prayers, the said Muslim is so dedicated that, regardless where they are, they would perform the salat.

It’s amazing and it is something that I doubt that I would ever do. Still, I suppose since I’m female and it is usually the men that I see doing it since they could pray in practically anything they wear. Okay fine, I’ve seen females; those that wear hijabs.

Just, amazing. Their dedication to God.

What could be more amazing that selflessness to something that you’ve never seen, only believe in because you have faith?

Of course, I am not just saying only Muslims are the only one that’s forward with showing their faith. But I suppose since ours is the most obvious when we’re praying…

C’mon… You don’t actually see some priest performing an exorcism in the middle of some road in a big city, right?

Had a strong urge to blog even though a tad busy after seeing pictures of my friends who attended the Palestenian demonstration in London.

Sigh. Greed is really a human emotion.

I am horrified as to what the Israelis are doing. Somehow like they’re punishing everyone for what happened with the Nazis. I don’t know. My world history is crap. I only started actually hating Israel for the very shallow reason that they make my life as a Public International Law student crap because they seem to be the exception for a lot of rules.

And it got me thinking, people might not be above the law, but the economy sure is. Money does make the world go round… building it, making it better…

And not forgetting, destroying it.

Why can’t we concentrate on our similarities instead of our differences?

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