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Totally blogable

When I logged into my Dashboard today… I looked over at my stats.

I don’t really look at the numbers. I just wonder if I an interesting shaped graph. Hahaha.

Whether the x-axis starts with 20 or 2… I don’t really care.

I prefer if it was more volatile… Going up and down like those heart beat recording machine. Hehehe.

And I also find it amusing to see what people typed on search engines to be able to find me.

Today, amongst them was “is there any sheep in malaysia or just kambing”.


I couldn’t stop laughing. Seriously? Haha. Pity that I do not know.

Still, I practically told everyone that I was in contact with so far… And used it as my facebook status.

Now, I just have to tell the whole world. In case they look at this post.

God, I actually fell off my bed laughing.


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