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Do I hate…

London that much?

“That” being hating a movie because one of the main actor is a Londoner.

Heck, maybe even the whole bloody cast, he’s the only one.

Just one.

Oh no, the movie has nothing to do with London. In fact, it is not even located in London, or any capital of any country for that matter. Located in a small town; probably the only similarity is that it is rainy.

It is rainy in London, right?

Shit, I can’t remember. I just know that it is less windy that the Midlands… and dustier… And noisier… And a lot of other worser things. Hahaha. 😛

Still, I mean, regardless of how much I complain that I hate London, I usually just say that I hate living there.

I do remember saying that I don’t mind visiting it, but not living in it. Every time I’m there, after the first day I’ll keep bugging my friends how I want to go back to the Midlands. Hahaha. Those in and outside London. Heck, even those outside of the UK, even. Hahaha.

I suppose I just don’t like the rude Londoners. I understand that their time has a higher opportunity cost than being polite and all, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be bloody rude!!

And since I get that more than enough at home… I don’t think I am willing to get bothered by such people when I don’t have to, i.e. when I am studying in another country.

I have been pondering about it.

I mean, I don’t complain over my “hatred” over London to those that have not been to London, or those who study in big cities… And those in London… Well, I usually tell them to annoy them. Hahaha.

It was really out of the blue. I finally met up with one of my schoolmates, and, suddenly, she said “I know why you don’t like the movie Twilight. It’s not because of the story.”

Intrigued, I asked her to continue. Not because of the story, huh? Is it because of the leggings Bella wore to prom? Because I think Edward should have killed her for that. I really do (Let me just clarify that I definitely hate leggings more than I do London). Kill her; not turn her into a vampire. Great great emphasis on the fact that he should drain her blood. Or just kill by breaking her neck… I don’t know. The crueler the better. Maybe hitting her with a chapati pan…

Okay, before I start opening my Smith & Hogan

Maybe she figured that I really can’t accept the actress who played Rosalie… Someone else please!! A natural blond who actually looks good being pale!! Leighton Meester would be great, though I hope she wouldn’t act with these bunch of people who actually like leggings. Urgh. Utterly unacceptable!! And maybe another cast of Gossip Girl… which I will stop for the fear that you people might be able to use it against me…

However, that wasn’t the case…

She looked at me straight in the eye, with a serious face, and said “because Robert Pattinson’s a Londoner, and you hate London and Londoners.”

I almost spewed out my drink all over her.


“Yes; very very seriously.”

Wow. Really?

I can’t believe it. She said she came to the conclussion due to how I complained about that rude Londoner couple who stared at me at King’s Cross St Pancras tube station when I was dragging my big luggage when I was getting to London Heathrow…

Wait wait!!

So I am blaming some “random” dude who was never was even in the same tube station as I was (okay there’s possibility but for argument’s sake, lets assume he would always be in some posh London area when I am in London. Okay fine, Faliq… Kensington could be considered posh… I guess… Blablabla. For argument’s sake, alright?) because I hate a couple  of idiotic people who made themselves look even more like an idiot due to missing their step coz of their obsessive staring at me to make me feel guilty that I “blocked” their way with my big ass luggage while I was trying to get my ass to Heathrow?


Man, I know I can be ridiculous, but that ridiculous?

Don’t answer that question; it’s rhetorical.

And to hate a movie that just has one Londoner in it? And not because of the sucky (pun definitely not intended, just in case. I don’t think I can be that lame) script???

C’mon!! I watch Harry Potter 2, with the car flying scene, over and over, because I miss St Pancras; my train station in London.

If I hate London so much, wouldn’t I not want to be reminded of it?

And I do remember being excited when I was about to leave for the train station to get to London!!

And I kept my Oyster card!! Believing that I will go to London again!! I could have gotten back my money at Heathrow alright!!!

Damn, it is really really bothering me.

It’s like tempting me to prove her wrong. Making me want to actually live in London for about, I don’t know. A year? Do my LLM in UCL or something.

Or maybe spend the whole 6 months that the British Government allow me to stay in England in London, selling, I don’t know, sandwiches at King’s Cross St Pancras, hoping to see that couple and deliberately trip them.

Yeah, and cry all the time and regretting my decision, I’m sure. Even if the satisfaction of tripping those two deliberately would be great. Though to be honest, I can’t remember what they looked like. Definitely the typical black coats… Regardless of the fact that I went back in summer. Hahaha.

But really!!!!!!!!


I wanted to give the title “the best reason given as to why I don’t like Twilight”, but I think it is really not the best reason. More like, the most insulting reason.

Damn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish you would turn into a langsuir. Wishing you turn into a pontianak would be too nice, since they smell nice and could look pretty. Oh, actually… penanggalan would be more fitting. Just the head and the organs floating about…



Oh oh oh!!!! Here’s proof I don’t dislike all Londoners after all!!

Ahem… Just found out. I did suspect he’s British… but I suppose I lived in denial and refused to recognize it, I guess? Ah well…

Dominic Cooper, the guy who played Sky in Mamma Mia?

Definitely, definitely Sky over Edward…

Amni, I guess I could go younger than James Marsden (who is, by the way, my “favorite” Edward. So adorable!!! “I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s” *gets hit by cyclists* hehehe). Hahaha. Just… I guess, need to be thirty? Hahaha 😛

And can be Londoner!!!!!!

Just need to be in the water quite a lot in a movie?

And not remind me one of my tutors would be great…

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