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A proper return?

January 12, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


I feel like the heavy weight on my shoulders have been lifted, somehow, somewhat… And I am going to dive right into what I started this blog for; to practice my writing.

Goodness, I am ridiculously embarrassed to admit this, but I haven’t read a book since… New Moon.

And that’s been like, almost a month!!

I remember reading it duringt Eid-ul Adha!! And that’s soooo long ago!!

It’s been taking me so long to start reading a book.

Just start!!

Somehow, I gave up reading the Economic Naturalist, the Catcher in the Rye, Paolo Coelho’s the Witch of Portobello… I lost track how many else.

I do emphasize it is books that I’m having problems with. I seem to be reading so many blogs. Heck, I’ve been dropping by Perez Hilton’s site on record frequency in such short period of time. And oh no the didn’t… and God knows what else.

Me, reading gossip. See, how much I need shallow books. The books that I seem to start reading are somehow, deep.

I’m afraid to read Cecelia Ahern’s masterpieces because I’m afraid I might want her main male character soooooo much.

Oh, I have been reading a book though; which is a colletion of classic stories for children. Have I mentioned I want to try write my story on Wall? The village that Tristram Thorn of Stardust by Neil Gaiman was from? In the book, he included the first chapter that he planed to use for the book. I don’t know… I thought that it might be interesting to try have a go at it. Though since I am having problems on getting a book with a compilation of Mother Goose nursery rhymes… So, I thought, why not broaden my horizon? Not just depend manipulate rhymes? Use classic children stories as well? Who knows? It is, after all, my own personal project.

There’s soooo many posts in my draft. My silly Christmas, where my cousin suddenly declared that I looked younger than my 17 year old niece. Just turned 22 and looked younger than a 17 year old? Clearly, 2008 was a year for 1986 babies to look 17, huh? Seriouly, not just the famous ones; the “unknown” ones even more so, alright. Which is why I don’t consider myself an adult. Hahaha. 😛

And my predictions!! It was true!! Now delayed, so I am going to combined with something related; not going to use that draft.

However, now I suddenly feel… sleepy. Hmph. Silly dilly tilly.

Oh, by the way, I love Duffy!!!!! 😀

I think I am going to start “Thanks for the Memories” by Ahern…

Dum dee dum. I love that woman!!!!

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