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Both Amni and I agreed… though I came up with the reasoning… as to why Cecelia Ahern’s a better author than Stephenie Meyer.

Faliq, skip this; it’s annoying and lame, to you anyway.

I just find it so entertaining that I just HAVE to post it.

And it will be contradict my last post here, but I don’t care. Hahaha.


Ms Ahern’s first novel’s male main character, when the book was turned into a movie… Gerry was played by a Scottish while Mrs Meyer’s main character was played by a[n] public school Londoner English… boy (coz I still refuse to consider myself an adult; so it is affecting everyone who was lucky enough to be born in 1986. Sorry, 1987 babies, I consider you adults. I know, I’m nuts. Big deal).

Ahh… The Scots would always win my heart.

Nyeh nyeh nyeh.

Well, maybe if I was in another university doing another course… I might dislike public school kids less *ignores that some of her British friends that she do keep in touch with are from public school. London too, no less. Hahaha :P* and find the Scottish less fascinating.

However, I didn’t, so… that’s why.


Of course, a very very dear friend (haha not you Faliq; since I didn’t wanna tell you this for the fear of you yelling till my head flies away and I turn like those hantu jepun, without the samurai sword, though…) did pointed out to me, “would you prefer to a lousier school doing some Disney-type degree?”

Errr…. alright then!!

Still; I like Cecelia Ahern more!! Hahaha.

Really really am grateful for Bertie Ahern to step down from being the Tai… tao…. Okay I give up; I forgot. I remembered, for just a while… the Irish word for Prime Minister.

Looks like it’s turning to some Indian… dish.

So sad.

Still, yahh!!


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