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I miss England.

Her climate, especially. The cold weather.

Which allows me to wear the shortest skirts with my patterned tights.

Of course it’ll be tights. Never ever will it be leggings. Because when I wear one of my short skirts, I do want to wear short skirts. No false modesty.

Square-, diamond-, lace-patterned… whatever. Even the opaque ones.

I look at my denim skirt, which, now I realize, is shorter than my turquoise coat. I do know that it was shorter than my black one; that’s only 3 inches above my knees.

Now, I wonder what possessed me to wear it.

Oh, the reason I don’t do it here?

Okay fine, my legs aren’t the best pair. My thighs are the reason why I wonder what possessed me to buy this pair of skirt.

Still, the main reason why I don’t really wear short skirts here is because of my skin. Hate it!!

Okay, maybe I should blame my carelessness instead.

I have waayyyy too many scars; it’s embarrassing.

Still… I feel like wearing them here. Damn!!

Since when did I prefer wearing skirts over jeans?

And short ones at that!!

Hah!! Of course I don’t have problems with long skirts!! What the hell…

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