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Oh gosh…

I’ve been getting nightmares since my visit to my dentist/surgeon.

I keep dreaming that my extra fangs would come out at the weirdest times, immediately, without my realizing it. And when it does, my other teeth would start falling out…

And somehow I bleed to death.

OMG it’s like the worst way for me to go!! To me anyway!!

The person who, in the end, my doctors think should sign a consent form for fear of me suing them due to my possessive feelings towards my blood (I might elaborate in another post) when they need to take just a vial of my blood to check whether it is not too thin due to my medication.

Yeah, too thin. Probably the reason why mosquitoes hardly ever bite me anymore. Not nice. From the thick sweet blood to the boring diluted crap that is flowing in my veins.

You would think that would make my veins less blue… But nooooo! It is still obvious as ever.

Never have I thought the day would come that I think I should be more tan instead of pale.

Weird that the British are able to influence me more when I am back in Malaysia than when I was in England.

And like Amni said, I don’t actually have British blood to blame it on!!

Man… to die with no teeth and by bleeding… OMG that sucks.


And would you believe it, when I went to see my surgeon, she was like “what happened to you? You’re too dark to be a vampire anymore!!”


I know I have extra fangs… but seriously?

For once, I was grateful I got darker the past few weeks.

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