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I return!!

January 28, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

To the West Coast!!

Of Peninsular Malaysia, unfortunately.

Even though I’m an English Midlands “kind-of-girl”, I would kill to be on the West Coast of Britain. Preferably West Coast of Scotland. 😉

Or West Coast of Ireland, perhaps? OMG just sooooo bee-you-ti-fool!!!!!!!!


And will be very reluctantly “handing over” a vial of her blood tomorrow.

Sniff sniff.

No, reading a book on how two people’s lives changed due to a blood transfusion still doesn’t change my view on this robbing of my blood by my doctors.

Especially since they use my blood to brew some funny concoction that would tell them whether my blood is too thin or not.


Shouldn’t they be able to tell it by my survival rate? That I haven’t died yet?

No, with blood, “prevention is better than cure” does not apply when it means taking my blood.

Don’t they know how precious it is?

*totally ignores the fact that bone marrows replenish the blood easily*

Still, I know I would sign the stupid letter and reluctantly give the nurse (great emphasis on that; MO suck at searching for my veins, regardless of how obvious it actually is. The blue lines, you idiot!!) my right arm.



Still, I love the book. I love the woman. Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern, I mean. 😛

I know, I know. I’m just sooo obsessed. Hahaha

I am soooo not prepared for tomorrow’s psych session. For the first time. Though I suppose I’ll just say maybe my unconscious mind is trying to protect itself which is why I somewhat “refuse” to remember ladida.

Really, my psych sessions sometimes seem like tutorials rather than therapy. Cool, huh?

Who said I need to do psychology to get these classes?

For RM5 a session!!


Anyway, yeah, the latest book I read by Ms Ahern has made me want to write again.

Though I do wonder… Does my reading more and more books limit my imagination or expand it? I don’t know… Somehow I feel like I keep thinking about the things that I read only and not that much of my original thoughts.

But I suppose… With so many thoughts out in the open now, we could just “recycle” the thoughts? Make it better?

I don’t know…

Oh well.


I’ll continue updating my blog later though. Hehehe.

Shoot!! I need to drive tomorrow.


PS: Car is in a horrid state now. My mother feels like letting me use the car all the time and drive her old car. Hehehe.

PPS: On a somewhat related note… if only by some weird coincidence; I still hate Diane Blood. Traditional vows and all the crap. Hmph. Even though I am no longer doing Health Care Law. Though, who knows, I might decide to go to University of Edinburgh and take Medical Law just to have Alexander McCall Smith as one of my tutors/lecturers… Just to say that one of my tutors was a bestselling author, and another one is sorely jealous of the former. 😉

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