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I’m terribly pissed.

Okay, somewhat. I’m too sleepy to feel too pissed, though more than usually pissed since I am also annoyed over the fact that I can’t sleep.

I am tempted to open my Trust textbook again.

Sucks, especially when I was sooo sleepy when I went offline… And then I ended up staring at the ceiling.

I refused to open my copy of The Undercover Economist, or The Graveyard Book, or 44 Scotland Street. That would be a sure way for me not to fall asleep.

Remembering those days when I was reading His Dark Materials

Goodness, now that I realize, I seem to like British authors more than American now… Neil Gaiman, Philip Pullman, Alexander McCall Smith, Tim Harford…

Stephenie Meyer is really the odd one out, being from the other side of the Atlantic…

Anyway, back to the topic, and related to the last author…

So I thought, why not I read the book that least interest me as a book?

I’ve made no secret that her style of writing annoys the hell out of me. Jacob’s point of view is alright, but Bella’s just… unbearable. And the third book of Breaking Dawn is like reading Twilight all over again, but with 100 times the intensity…

Pretty much the intensity that Bella felt once she became a vampire.

Maybe I shouldn’t role my eyes too much; it might make my eyes less sleepy, what with the “exercise”?

Oh well.

But back to the topic!!

At p 451, Bella was utterly angry with Jacob for nicknaming her daughter after the Loch Ness Monster.

How could she!!!!!!

Such an insult that she felt insulted!!

I created a character with her first name as Nessie, but with an absolutely ridiculous surname. However, everything about her plays on the fact that she was really named after the Loch Ness Monster.

She was also “inspired” by one of my tutors who introduced herself with the first syllable of the nickname and ending it with an “a” sound instead of “ie” sound.

The said tutor’s also Scottish.

The full name of the character?

Nessie McLochlan.

I know; that’s how lame I could be.


However, don’t you think that it is such a cute name?

And to feel insulted for a person to nickname your child with such a ridiculous name with such a cute nickname…


Pisses me off. Hrmph.

And yes, I admit that I do sound like a southern Californian bimbotic blonde.

Why deny it? It’s in me. Blah.

PS: I no longer feel like tagging the entries on this series… I don’t know why; maybe because I’m a coward. Maybe because I can’t be bothered. Who knows?

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