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There’s something about *someone*’s tongue that has been bothering me.

It’s really frustrating.

What kind, I’m not specifying.

However, the result has been me banning myself from watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


Hah!! Just guess!!

Doubt anyone would get it.

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UK trip

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I think I better just say it out loud; it looks very very unlikely for me to be coming up to the UK at the end of March for two months.

I didn’t want the world to know that I was coming mainly for the sake of the people in Cardiff.

Hahaha. Somehow after typing that, it’s as if everyone in Cardiff are just waiting for me to come and bless their city once more.

Hehe. I meant my friends there.

I don’t know… I don’t really like Cardiff. I’m sorry; really, I don’t.

Probably the reason why when I do go there, I spend most of my time in the house instead of out.

I was planning to visit England (well, duhh), Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland… All except for Wales. Hahaha. I even made sure I would take the ferry from Belfast to that Scottish town with too many Rs in my opinion instead of from Dublin to Holyhead. Hahaha. I know; so horrible.

It is very embarrassing, really, the reason I’m not coming.

It’s not because of some ridiculously horrible fight with my mother.

No; it was just me getting moody and responding to her with one word answers to her querries. I got fed up explaining my route is not exactly where I am dropping by but more to show the direction as to where I am going. So I kept quiet and I haven’t asked her about it since.

The first time was hard enough; to ask twice would be cutting the wound bigger and dumping a whole kilo of seasalt on it and rubbing it on.

Will sting that bad.

Or maybe like when wasps sting you. The horrid thing is that I am allergic to wasps.

I feel bad, really, because I’ve told quite a number of my friends that I trust.

It was really going to be a hush hush thing; not many people would know. I mean, look at the dates; it’s near peoples’ exams and going back before most people are done. It’s really so that I would be with myself. Say goodbye properly to the UK (and find a Scottish hubby without Amni luring the guy away from me. Hahaha) and all.

It’s really somewhat like a Celtic pilgrimage. Somewhat. Hahaha.

I don’t know; it feels like I have not let go of England properly yet.

Probably because I thought that I will for sure be able to come to England for the last time without begging for it.

Still, I wouldn’t be coming.

And I no longer want to travel. Anywhere. It’s just me dragging my feet and humoring my mother now.

Now, I feel materialistic; I want lots of things.

I want a new phone, suddenly. Oh, I suppose reformating my Sony-Ericsson would mean somewhat a new phone, but I don’t know… But I don’t like most phones nowadays. I hate touchpads. Bleurgh.

And I need new shirts; plain ones and lots of it. I have too many patterned shirts and skirts. I can hardly match things!! Imagine wearing butterly printed skirt and a stripped shirt. Ewww!!!

I want a pair of Oxford heels. I don’t know, just for fun. The booties type. Oh, stiletoes, of course. And not open toed though. Preferably one similar to Blair when she went shopping with Serena. Can’t find the picture now. I remember it was black and white. Hehehe.

Handbags. Somehow I realize I’m lacking handbags. But at the same time, I’ve been looking around and there’s not much I like. I don’t like patent leather stuff, and it’s like everything’s patented nowadays. Sigh. Maybe I should adjust that rule of mine. I don’t know… I find patent tacky. *shrugs*

A MacBook Pro, obviously…

And I need a new bloody study table. I now find it is a pain in the arse to use my laptop on my bed. Seriously…

I don’t feel like buying much books anymore though. Now my book wishlist consists of mostly classics. My mother suggested I make a list of books I’ve read. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to do that because some of the books I’ve read are quite embarrassing for me to admit that I’ve read. Yeah, beyond embarrassment me is embarrassed of those books. Oh, it’s not the Twilight saga. Surprising, huh? Hehe.

I want a new hair color. Well, not whole head. And highlights instead. Man, having a bob is so ridiculously boring. Blah.

And I would like more headbands. Hahaha. Like I don’t have enough already. My mother gets quite angry with my leaving my headbands everywhere!! Hahaha. It’s like the only thing I feel my bobbed hair would be able to take without drowning it. Sigh. How I wish my hair was longer again…

Oooooo!!! A full length mirror. Just for fun. Hahahaha.

Of course more sheep!!!!!!

A printer. Those 3 or 4 in one type. Because my laptop refuses to recognize my mother’s printer. And I want a scanner; hence the 3 or 4 in one type.

More shoes. Of course. Haha. Though I think I would need to get a job before I start buying shoes again. I don’t really have much space above my wardrobe anymore…

Oh, I don’t know what else… 😛


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If you look at the right hand side of my blog, scrolling down… I’ve recategorized my links.

Like most of my categories, it’s kinda weird… And they’re titles of songs.

I use anything from titles of books or quotes than I find funny or just one words for the names of my categories… I have no consistency in that, to be honest.

I do explain why I picked the three songs I picked… but I realized that it doesn’t show…

So just to inform you what the categories mean here…

I Stand By You (Carrie Underwood):
Causes I believe in. The song was sung by Ms Underwood at the Idol Gives Back show. I thought of using Just A Dream for some reason, but then it was written for the Iraq War soldiers’ spouses… So forget about it even though it’s a beautiful song.

The Wizard and I (Wicked):
Somewhat (an emphasis on this) famous websites/blogs I follow. The “famous” factor could be due to the author or the website/blog itself. Song sung by the character Elphaba in the musical Wicked where she imagines the day when she meets the Wizard and become famous herself. My interpretation anyway.

This is the Life (Amy Macdonald):
Buddies who blog. I saw an interview of Amy Macdonald where she said she wrote the song after a night out with friends… And the videoclip showed clips of she and her friends on a night out. Somehow somewhat fits, no? And their blog is mostly about their life…

Kepohable is still the main link group; those miscellaneous links which I don’t think suit the other 3 and too silly to be starting a new category for.

And “My other blogs” is quite straightforward, right?

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I can’t think of a wacky title, so shoot me.

Anyway, as everyone knows, we’re in the midst of global economic crisis. If you didn’t know that, you must be a frog living underneath a coconut shell.

And apparently, everyone has a solution to how we can save the economy.

Interestingly, especially science students that read the newspapers and don’t really understand what the author of the article is really saying.

Oh you know the kind; who would quote articles, or agree with what some big person says, especially in their facebook status or msn nickname or personal message.

Seriously, why do you embarrass yourself?

One fine day, I somewhat got into an argument with a medic student about the economy; what should be done.

Let me emphasize again that she is a medical student, alright?

With a Malaysian background, that would mean almost no formal education in economics, unless you were unlucky enough to have economists for at least one of your parents.

And even then it is no guarantee that you would understand basic economic principle.

It amazes me how governments all around the world are trying to inject spending and trying to make people spend more in bids to save the economy, when this person, happily came and said what we should do to save the economy is to save more.


Of course, every macroeconomics student would know that savings would contract the economy instead of expanding it!!

Saving and spending within your means, the economy would be fine.

No, it is not the economy that would be fine if you dothat; it’ll be your finances.

Things that increased the economy are consumption/ consumer spending, investment by private firm, and government spending.

Seriously, what do you think government is doing here? Trying to give people more jobs in the civil service? So that people would spend more when they have money!!

She refuses to accept it; she still insist; savings save the economy.

Alright then. Save all you want.

The saddest thing is that, she’s not the only one that thinks so.

There was this seminar my mother attended, where an economics tutor stated that people should save more to help with the economy.


I suppose it’s not so bad when you’re a medic student and you think you should save.

Oh, and she doesn’t believe in autonomous consumption; where you would still consume/ spend money when you have negative income.

What the hell are you doing now, then? You’re still spending!! And you have no income, what with being a student!!

And your parents’ income are not yours even if it is the household’s!



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I am ow in Seremban… accompanied my mother here for some workshop crap. She insisted that I come as she doesn’t know the way to the hotel. Sigh. So my laptop at home is unrepaired till Tuesday, as I would need to go to the hospital on Monday. Which reminds me, I need to get my supply of meds then.

So now I am using her laptop. An old 12 inch one… with the somewhat square screen; not those widescreens… So there is not much space for the keyboard. I don’t know; I feel it is quite cramped. And since it is not a Dell, some of the keys are located differently, though not the main ones. Just the arrow buttons and such. I still hate the British/European querty keyboards with the inverted commas (“) being at no2 and the @ at where the inverted comma is supposed to be and all. What logic did you all use there? Seriously!!

But it remains, this keyboard sucks. I keep hitting the up arrow key when I want to hit “shift” on my right.  Sigh. I hate small laptops; which is why my dream laptop is the 17 inch wonder of MacBook Pro. *dreams* Hahaha.

I was showing this clip of Jo Brand’s standup to Amni… talking about marriages. What I really love about it is when she was talking about women and men; how we see each other differently. She said “…men view women differently from the way women view men. A lot of men view women as sex object, whereas women view men as useful objects. The other night, I left my husband bent over, like this, with a burnt back. Well, the ironing board was broken, what can I do?”

Hahaha. Somehow quite true.

And it’s like, true, no? That we women prefer things over sex, no?

Well, at least it is with me anyway.

Oh, here’s the clip:

I just love her.

Anyway, yes; me. I told a friend that “I want a Mac as bad as you want to shag David Tennant.” The said friend is rather horny right now; probably ovulating. I’m just counting the days till she announces that she wants to watch Doctor Who. I would definitely mark the date on my calender.

I also got more and more descriptive in describing how bad I want a Mac and how satisfied I would feel when I do get the MacBook…

Definitely would be better than an orgasm, I think.

And my preferences of things over sex also is in the academic field.

How, you might ask?

I prefer studying theft over sexual offences.


I am one consistent person.



But yeah, I do hate this laptop; the fact that it doesn’t have firefox (I can’t install it because the Admin account for the laptop is password protected and I’ve no idea what the password is), it uses old version of most things, I need to use Windows Messanger… There’s not much songs in it… The complains goes on and on.

However, at least it is a laptop and I can connect onto the internet through it. And that it emits light that enable me to read or at the very least see what I could be seeing, unlike a book.

I brought 4 books along with me. However, my mother can’t sleep without the lights on (total opposite of me), so the only place I could read the book would be in the bathroom.

Even though I’m in a hotel, I don’t fancy reading in toilets/bathroom unless I’m pooping. Hahaha. And even that I would only read magazines. You know… To pass the time. 😛

Oh I would never use the laptop while I’m the washroom though. Crazy!! Would be worried sick if water might touch it.

Someone once told me that you could actually pour water on a Mac and it wouldn’t affect it at all; it’s waterproof. Wow. I wonder… Must ask them!! 😀

Though I banned myself from entering an Apple shop for fear of wiping out my credit card and purchasing one.

Kinda sucks, sometimes, that my mother didn’t put a limit to the card.

Need to be soooo strong not to tempt myself. Sigh.

So, no going into an Apple Store.

Heck, I usally try to make sure I don’t even pass it directly… like go to the other corridor. Look from afar; that kind, you know?

My mother would just slaughter me and turn me into haggis if I got a MacBook. Especially after paying RM600 to extend the guarantee for my laptop.

Sigh… I miss it so much.

Oh well…

McCall Smith

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I don’t think I’ve published this in my blog, but there have been times that I say I would love to study in University of Edinburgh and do an LL.M in medical law just so that I could have Alexander McCall Smith as one of my tutors. I mean, how cool would it be that you have a best selling author as your tutor? And a best seller for fiction books, not textbooks of your course.

Though now that I have read one of his books–44 Scotland Street–I am grateful I didn’t do something silly. Also, to specialize in medical law… Nahhh…

I doubt I would be concentrating on his classes. I would be wondering how in the world does he find the time being an emeritus professor and write so many stories.

My God…

The first time I knew of his existence was because of 44 Scotland Street. I found the title amusing, since when I first saw the book, I just got back from Penang. In Penang, there’s this road call Jalan Scotland; jalan means road in Malay.

And our house number is number 44.


I was curious about it, but I never got round buying the book.

However, when I did Health Care Law, one of the recommended texts was Mason & McCall Smith’s Law and Medical Ethics, though my tutor made snide comments on it on how McCall Smith left from writing the book for more lucrative writing projects…


The first and only sign of jealousy that came from that guy. In my first year, I thought jealousy is a foreign concept to that guy. Now, I know better. Hehehe.

It’s amazing how he can find time to balance the academic and the fiction writing. And it’s like, he produces a lot of fiiction stories. It’s just amazing.

And there’s so many wacky characters in 44 Scotland Street. Goodness, where does he find the ideas?

Good thing that I wasn’t crazy enough.



February 26, 2009 1 comment

I feel like I’m collecting them, one way or another.

Well, maybe not really collecting… Since I don’t actually own them. I don’t own anything Apple, to be honest. Hahaha. Not yet anyway. Haha.

Well, if I do get an Apple product, likely it would only be a MacBook, but who knows if it would be downwards from there, eh? Hahaha.

Anyway, so being the big hypocrite that I am–or at least according to Amni anyway :P–I am back to wanting a 17 inch aluminium unibody enclosured MacBook Pro. Started wanting it back 2 hours after I started using iTunes again. Hahaha.

I can’t remember really when did I really want to use a MacBook. I know when I was watching Sex and the City movie, I already wanted it. As you might know, Ms Carrie Bradshaw uses a MacBook. Unlike what usually happens, when I see something advertised more, I refuse to start buying it. But with MacBooks… I don’t know. Must be because they’re so purdeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

And then I went really crazy when I watched Twilight first time round.

Though I’m not sure when did I actuallt started looking at the direction of MacBooks in the first place.

Probably in the summer of my second year… When I needed to get a new laptop coz my previous one was getting wanky on me. My mother consulted a friend (who’s really nearer to my age than hers; she’s my friend too actually. Well, she’s more like an adopted niece to my mother. She’s one of my cousin’s friends) who is an Apple fan but likes tech-y stuff. I suppose that’s what started the motion, somewhat…

At that point, even though I actually had enough budget to actually get a MacBook, I wasn’t keen on learning something new on my last year in University, where I had 3 optional modules that really didn’t make must sense together in the first place. Admittedly, using a new laptop wld be a challange as well, but in the end I got another Dell anyway, so not that much difference. And I made sure I got an XP one instead of Vista, because I really am not interested in the flashy way Vista is. Maybe my not liking Vista is what is pushing me to Apple products. The irony; they wanted to make Windows more like Mac, and I ended up choosing the other. Hehehe.

Oh, how did the budget got anywhere near to being able to afford a MacBook? Because, apparently, the really really good PC notebooks are actually quite overpriced things, still with the much hated blue screen of death. And most of them had Vista as their OS so I ignored them. And the Toshibas… Goodness. The glossy cover. Blah. Imagine the scratches!! Would be so visible!!!

I mean, it’s not as if that Dell is a lousy brand. C’mon; I’m using it. I think it’s good!! Why I needed to change it was really my fault. Hehe. Forgot what I did already. Haha. Spilled curry on to it and such. Hahaha. I know; crazy right?

I think Dell laptops are appropriately priced. Just that the service…

Had to pay RM600. All due to my ignorance and not bothering to correct the thingy… I really don’t know how to explain, but basically now the screen of my laptop would fall if there’s nothing supporting it. The grip thingy broke yesterday. No, actually the day before. Yesterday I suffered through the heat of it; I used my comforter to support the screen. So, I suppose the heat got trapped.

Though, to be honest, I think my laptop has a life of its own. Seriously.

I think it’s pretty mad that I keep repeating how much I want a MacBook that it decided to go wanky on me again. Sigh. First your sibling, now you. My spacebar refuse to behave itself. I keep having to go back to separate the words again after I’ve typed it. Seriously, so annoying. However, since I got the full cover for hardware, I’m going to ask them to get me a new keyboard. I forgot about the space. How was I supposed to remember? I didn’t use the keyboard much the night before!!

Oh well… Will talk to the engineer when he gives me a call later. I can’t believe you’re making such a big fuss over this, lappie.

Oh, unlike my sheep, I didn’t get round naming my lappie even though it is pretty much my best friend. A very much abused one at that. Hahaha.

I don’t know… Probably because my horrid eyesight that the 17 inch MacBook Pro looks ridiculously attractive. Oh, I know now there are other 17 inch laptops, but I don’t know… I am “unconditionally and irrevocably in love with” the bloody notebook. Hahaha.

To the point that I said when I would finally get the notebook, the sensation would be similar, if not better, than orgasm. Hahahahaha.

Actually I was more descriptive than that, but let’s not go into that. 😛

Last week or the week before… My nick on MSN was “Nani wants a Mac. No; make it two.”

A dear friend of mine actually thought that I was referring to McDonald’s!! The fast food chain, let me specify that. Because I’m going to play around with that surname,  somewhat.

I hardly eat McDonald’s, especially since Berjaya Group took over the franchise in Malaysia. I boycott it due to the owner of Berjaya Group rather than their sending their profit to Israel.

Deal with things at home first before you go international, is what I believe.

Though you deal with economic problems first before political ones, I think.

I urge my fellow Malaysians to ignore the extremely childish political problems in Malaysia and worry more about the global economic crisis.

Oh, that reminds me, I do have something to talk about the economic crisis; somewhat. Just, not now.

So, being the wonderful friend I am… I thought, hey, why don’t I see the wikipedia list of people named McDonald/MacDonald/Macdonald… If I like any of them…

Apparently, there’s two; with my liking one after the other… Not at the same time. I got one to replaced the other.

Okay, I stopped “liking” (to use the word loosely; I’m not sure if it fits…) David Tennant (apparently his actual surname is McDonald) about the time Amni started liking him. Probably never actually liked him anyway. I got quite fed up of him quite early in my first year, wondering what the heck is the big deal with Doctor Who. I still don’t get it and doubt I’ll ever would, especially considering it’s science fiction. Only science fiction I could tolerate is Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy because it’s just so silly.

Only reason I actually started “liking” him was because the first episode I watched of  The Graham Norton Show was the one he and Jo Brand was in. And he’s Scottish; so obviously has a Scottish accent. One of my weaknesses. Could have started liking him if he was some fat old man. Actually, that would make him even more adorable. Hahaha.

Though, of course I’ve heard a much more adorable accent… from one of my tutors… Though I started wondering if she actually “created” the accent on her own…

Till I actually came across an interview of Amy Macdonald… where her accent is exactly like my tutor’s.


Search for an interview of her; that accent was the one that made me skip to my seminars even though it was at 9 in the morning during the winter semester.

Heh heh.

Oh, though, unlike Tennant, I didn’t actually start liking Macdonald due to her accent. Searched for her songs first. And I absolutely love This is the Life.

I just started liking her more due to her adorable accent.


And I would really want to carry her around in my pocket. Let her sing to me all the time. Hahaha. Would be great to just sit down and have a chat with her as well. About anything; so long as she talks more. Just so bloody adorable.

I got ridiculously giggly when I was in Edinburgh.

Give me Scottish accent over Irish anytime. Seriously.

Beda, you’re nuts preferring Irish over Scottish. Hahaha. 😛

Oh, and like Tennant, I “discovered” Amy Macdonald through clips of The Graham Norton Show.


Oh, and I also love Jo Brand. Just thought I should let you know. She’s just so bloody funnyyy!!!!!

Anyway, on MacBooks… I absolutely love the blog Stuff White People Like. Faliq showed me the website when he was saying how everyone seems to want to get a Mac. Ah well…

Still, it just tickledme to no end… The part where they were mocking Apple and Toyota Prius… That I have decided that I would want to drive a Toyota Prius with an Apple logo stucked on the rear of the car. 😉 Hahaha.

And I would try to be as whitebread-like as possible. 😀 Try to like as much as the stereotyped white people like, as shown on that website.


But yeah, if you love folk-ish music… I strongly recommend listening to Amy Macdonald. I absolutely love her!! 😀

Oh, and I love Graham Norton. Hahaha. He’s just so bloody funny!!!!!!!!

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