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February 2, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

My brains feel extremely full.

There are so many drafts which I have continued but I can’t seem to be able to complete it.

When a lot of things are happening, I can’t seem to put things into words, even when I am extremely free when I start blogging. I just end up staring at my screen and start playing freecell and am lost in my scrambled thoughts. I would be playing without much thought put in it and just think about how in the world should I word the post.

Most often than not, I would just give it all up and forget about it.

I have big problems with rewording things that I’ve written. Or what somebody has written.

Which is why it is unlikely I could be an editor. I might be able to detect mistakes, but not really correcting it. If it’s just grammatical error, I would just correct it. Nonetheless, I doubt my English is that great anyway; so very unlikely that I would be able to get such a job.

And since journalists have to finish work with such short deadlines and need to write most things when a lot of things are happening… I’m thinking that is an unlikely career move as well…

My impatience? That clearly rules out anything to do with teenagers and people my current age and teaching. I just can’t teach anyone. And I talk in riddles, apparently. Hardly anything straight to the point.

Anyway, when my brain feels full… For some reason… I end up starting a new book. Without finishing the current ones (because I hardly read just one book at one time). I don’t know why… I like starting a new book, for some reason. Of course, I would never not end a book anyway. Only book I haven’t finish after a long time is the Lord of the Rings. Can’t just pick it up and start reading again because I’ve forgotten the storry. Hahaha.

Sigh. And the book I started? Dante’s Divine Comedy.

I know, I’m nuts. Sigh…

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