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Maybe I am one.

However, I am quite specific as to what I am a shopaholic on. I don’t get satisfaction by getting just about anything.

Only two things; books and shoes.

I have put a stop to my buying shoes though. I don’t exactly get to wear it. I feel like doing an internship just so that I would be able to wear the many shoes I own. The last time I counted the unworn shoes above my wardrobe… There were 50 pairs.

Yes, fifty pairs.

A five and a zero after that.

It’s crazy.

Regardless of how much I love shoes, I still don’t see sense in wearing it inside the house. When I’m home, somehow I like walking on the cold marble, which is why my mother still gets angry with me when I go to bed without washing my feet. Make sense since she would be able to see the evidence of my “obsession” at the soles of my feet.

So yeah… I want to get a job so I can wear all my various new shoes…

And I wanna earn so that I could buy more books.

That is really my only aim nowadays; to buy more and more books.

I’ll be happiest when I could spend all my money just to buy books and books only. Hahaha.

I have a list of books I would love to get.

However, once the list gets less than 25, I would usually try to add about 50 more to it.

Like a crazy person.

So there’s no way that one month I could abstain from buying books.


Oh, I finally finished Breaking Dawn, and I celebrated it by reading Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book (fascinating!!) till I finished it and a slide of cake from Secret Recipe. Yogurt Cheese Cake with raspberry filling. Yumm!!!

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