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25 things

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I was tagged by Faliq on facebook… And I decided, why don’t I post this up. 5 of the last items were taken from my random info on me page…

Rules : Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you. 🙂

Tagged by: Faliq, who is a bigger eejit than the person who tagged him for this. And due to that, I’m going to try to annoy him as much as possible from my list.

If I don’t tag you, it means I do not want to disturb you. Though the few that I do tag even though I know you guys are busy… I tag you due to the fact that I think you need a break. Haha. See… I’m so caring =P And those whom Faliq has tagged… You don’t have to do it again. =P kinda silly, right?

1. The reason that I watched Twilight the first time round was to see how the weird dress Alice Cullen wore to prom looked like in real life. I was utterly disappointed by the fact that she wasn’t even around during the prom scene.

2. I watched Twilight the second time for the sole reason of ogling the black MacBook Bella Swan owned. Okay, not sole reason; I also wanted to “appreciate” the arrangement of the soundtrack and score better. Apart from several scenes, most of the time I just “listened” to the movie.

3. I strongly believe that Stephenie Meyer is a Republican. A pro-life one at that. I hate pro-life Republicans. (with the sole exception of Rod from Avenue Q. He’s just so cute!!)

4. I now refuse to get a MacBook for the sole reason that Apple thought it was sensible to advertise in a movie that had TWO people wearing LEGGINGS. Ewwww!!! I think think the fashion director or whoever that was in charge of wardrobe should be shot to death. Or maybe tortured till they die. Bleurgh; leggings.

5. I wonder how someone whom I think has about as “limited” (quoting my mother here) a vocabulary such as mine–as I could see anyway–could write 4 500+ pages books. I really do.

6. I wonder how in the world the many teenagers that got crazy over the Twilight saga didn’t get impatient with the author’s limited vocabulary and her obsession with the word “perfect” and the many adverbs she used.

7. I once came back with 9 pair of shoes but I didn’t spend more than MYR250. It was closer too 200 actually. Haha. Quantity over quality is the way to go for me. I’m not really environmentally friendly when it comes to shoes…

8. I spent most of my gestation period in Nashville, Tennessee. That’s the only thing that might explain my love for country music, especially considering my mother hates it. Oh, Faliq, did you know that Vanderbilt is nicknamed “Harvard of the south”? Oh yes it is. Rich southern kids go there.

(okay I can’t think of any for now… very random info follows…)

9. I am rather irrational when it comes to my blood. I hate it when people take it away from me unnaturally; even if it is to safe my life. Intentionally poking me, drawing blood for blood tests, donating blood (which I would never ever do)… list goes on. Which is why now my doctors require me to sign a bloody consent form every time they take my blood for blood tests. Which theoretically is supposed to happen every month. I tried not following what they told me once, but in the end they took a vial away anyway. Sigh. Oh, I’ve no problems spilling blood “accidentally”; thru falls, cuts, nicks, blablabla. I’m terribly careless anyway. Another thing about my blood; mosquitoes would not bite me if they can help it. Hahaha. Guess it is no longer that great. Hahaha.

10. I used to have 4 sets of fangs. I now have 7. 3 more than usual; just in case you didn’t know. Somehow, even without meeting each other, after discovering that fact (through X-ray, obviously), ALL my dentists nicked named me their “little vampire”, regardless of the fact that I am more than a head taller than the two I have in Malaysia. The ones in Malaysia claims that the amount of fangs explains a lot of things about me, apparently.

11. When I came back to England for my second year, my hand luggage was full with meat (cooked, not raw) and I had a Big Mac in my handbag. When one of the custom dudes got nearer to me, I told him that I have irrational fear for dogs (if he required evidence, I would have told him to contact Nottm’s School of Law. I jumped onto the chairs at the reception when I saw one of the academic’s dogs coming towards where I was). He actually HELPED me run away from his colleagues and the dogs. Hahaha. Idiot. But yeah, I do have a somewhat irrational fear for dogs.

12. I hate driving. So to entertain myself, I try coming up with new curse words. My favorite is “Seribabi jadian”. It’s hard to explain, but basically it is a were(wolf+pig) [sorry for it looking like a math equation instead but I don’t know how else to write it]. “Serigala” is the Malay word for wolf; babi, pig. Werewolf is called “serigala jadian” in Malay. Don’t ask me the literal meaning of “jadian” because I’m not sure. Faliq did mention that calling it “seribabi jadian” sounds like it’s a pretty were-pig as “seri” means somewhat like pretty, beautiful, that kinda thing. Still, the said “seribabi jadian” is a human who made a bargain with the Devil (I selectively picked the worst imaginable werewolf myth for this) to turn him into a hairy pig. Haha. Seriously, Kuala Lumpur rush hour sucks.

13. I’m the exception for most economic theories; I just don’t think the way the “rational consumer” does. However, I believe in economic theories almost as much as I do the 4 books that God sent down to us. Actually, maybe more. I’m not sure. Hmmm…

(ohhh!! I remember this one!!)

14. I was obsessed with one particular number; 43.125. Hahahahahahahahahaha. =P Yes, past tense; I couldn’t remember it till this moment. Hahaha. I’ve moved on!!!! Hahahaha.

15. I listen to more soundtracks than albums. I don’t know why. I just love soundtracks, even if I did not watch the movies. Hahaha.

16. I consider watching television a waste of time. What a dumb thing to do, watching moving pictures in a box. I rather read books. I sometimes lose patience with movies as well. I prefer “live performances” =D Oh, when I watched Wicked, Adam Garcia was playing Fiyero. =P

17. I wore PJs to lectures several times in my first year. Once because I had to return a short loan book and 80p an hour was ridiculously expensive to pay. Especially when I would take more than an hour to get ready and walk to the library. Also, the lecturer was one scruffy dude, I knew I wouldn’t be the worst attired one. The other time that I remembered, the lecturer, who was also my tutor, realized I was wearing PJs and told me that he wasn’t sure whether he should feel flattered (that I still came for the lecture even though I didn’t have time to get ready) or insulted (that I couldn’t be arsed to even put on a T-shirt for his lecture), and made me promise that I would never come to tutorials in PJs, ever. Hahaha.

18. The sun makes my skin turn red and itchy, and I’m not even a redhead!! Thankfully, I don’t get freckles and I tan, but very very painfully. This might explain my hatred over the sun and my love for the short days in winter. Just my luck to be living in Malaysia. I would love to move to rainy Scotland. Edinburgh, preferably. Fell in love with that place. *sigh* (and I miss Britain very very much. Think would be the same if I were to be in Belfast since it is not exactly in Britain =P)

19. I own a made in China Irish-Malaysian feminist pro-choice Jewish lesbian monetarist libertarian turtle plushie whose name was Caoimhe Niammah O’Tahapaapa, but changed its name to its birthplace’s culture to Ong Kee Va, following the actual pronunciation of “Caiomhe” as told by the person who gave her that crazy name. Oh, and it is anti-Zionist. Just added that last “personality”.

20. I collect sheep plushies. If you want to get me a gift and don’t know what to get, that’s the best bet. =P

(okay, I’m pasting the stuff I write on my blog now…) edit: I’m adding things along as I remember it… the “original” list would be below…

21. I’m careless; not clumsy. I realized that several months ago. If I was careless, I wouldn’t be able to wear such high and thin heels (the latter is a new addition to my shoe collection, which was about the time I realized the difference between careless and clumsy). It may seem that I’m clumsy when I walk, but this seem to only happen when I wear flats. I’m just more absent minded and don’t worry so much since, logically, one should fall down less when every but of one’s soles are on the floor, right? Wrong when I’m concerned, sadly.

22. Regardless of No. 9, I am thinking of donating my organs. Really, it is just a big NO NO when it comes to blood. I don’t mind having IVs and needles all over my body, so long as things are entering my veins instead of going out. Just, don’t take my blood away from me!!!!!!! Cut me up and  look what’s inside if my body, but don’t you dare spill a drop of blood purposely!! Or use those vacuum-like things to suck out my blood!!

23. My current ring tone is a jingle for Vicks (though they didn’t buy it) by Barry Manilow which I found on youtube which he performed on the Graham Norton show. Ridiculously funny and catchy. Hahaha.

24. I love Graham Norton. He’s just so ridiculously funny. Hahaha.

25. It’s no longer elves that go around cleaning up people’s house or finishing their work for them, or at least not in my household. Due to our obsession (okay, maybe mainly mine) with the Proton ad that tells us to wear rear seat belts, where a pontianak (Malay female vampire [though there are no male vampires in Malay folklore that I know anyway]) “helped” the driver with passing her a tissue paper when she sneezed, vampires go around tidying our mess and finishing our work, or at the very least, put away the things we leave lying around to the point we don’t know where it is. Oh, yes, all types of vampires suddenly turn to be helpful beings due to the main language of the house is English. Hehehe.


21. My Malay accent changes geographically. Seriously, like at the tunnel before Genting, where the Selangor-Pahang border is? Once come out of the tunnel, somehow I talk differently. Serious!! Haha. My cousins are amused that my English doesn’t. I’m grateful it doesn’t. Haha.

22. My friend once called me a “relegionist”… specifically, “catholicist”. Oh, not the meaning that is in the dictionary… Religionist like racist. Haha. I can’t understand catholicism. I don’t mind the catholics; this said friend is one, albeit not a religious one. I just don’t understand their doctrines!! And how people can actually believe it. Just doesn’t make sense!! A celibate man deciding on birth control usage in the Philippines? I mean, seriously!!!!

23. The only thing I remember that came out from the mouth of my history teacher in form4 and 5 was that she liked Pierce Brosnan. What a history there; he hasn’t gave up that identity then yet. What part of history is that, I’ve no idea.

24. I still sometimes wear my bright turquoise coat in Malaysia. When I am bored and feel like I miss England so very much, I switch on the aircond and set it to the lowest temperature possible, put on my coat and dance like an idiot to whatever song that is playing on my iTunes. Yes, even when it is Muse. No idea how I do it. Hmmm…

25. I love Cecelia Ahern, even though I used to refuse to read her books while her father was the Taoiseach. Her books are just so amazing!! And her characters!! I want a Gerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From PS, I Love You. And an Ivan. From If You Could See Me Now. Bleh, never did wanted an Edward anyway.

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