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To be honest, I’ve never been proud of my alma mater. Actually, if I’m being truly honest, I’m actually embarrassed by my alma mater.

Probably why I don’t mention it much. Just refer to the area as the region it is called. Though I’m sure it is likely that those who read my blog could figure it out. However, I do not want to make it easier for those graduating from that university who are proud of it come bombarding my blog, criticizing my feelings.

Because, to be honest, I can’t defend my feelings towards it. I myself don’t know why I feel that way.

How weird is it that I am proud of my 2.2 but not for the fact that I graduated with an LL.B. I am proud of the academics that taught me in my three years there but not the university, when in fact, if I was not in that university, I wouldn’t have gotten such amazing tutors.

Though, to be honest, not all of them were. Hahaha.

That might explain why I don’t mention my tutors’ names here. No point anyway.

The situation in Perak is definitely not helping matters. Everytime people say “what in the world was the Sultan thinking?”, I’ll be like, “and this is how graduates from my alma mater decide things? And after all the experience he has in the legal world, before he became the Sultan?”

I really don’t know why I’m embarrassed by it. Especially when it was a very good Law School. Consistently in the top 10 every year and all.

My mother got quite angry after I explained why I was sighing while I was reading the paper; that there was even more reason for me to be embarrassed by my doing law at my alma mater.

She asked, “so, what would you do if you could turn back time then? You think you’ll go so far with, I don’t know, a “useless degree”, like a BA in English from some crappy university in Utah?”

Oh, I should tell you that she does listen to me listening to Avenue Q… Might explain why she said “useless degree” and her choice of saying BA in English. Though frankly I don’t really understand what she has against Utah. You would think all the worst universities are in Utah if she’s right.

To which, I replied… “you might be a best-selling writer!! You described Stephenie Meyer’s education there, you know. Don’t look down at universities in Utah so much.”

So it is no surprise… that my mother currently hates Stephenie Meyer.

She did say, “I thought you hate that woman!!”

I don’t hate her; I don’t even know the person, just her books!!

I can’t even say I hate her books; I just don’t like it. And I’m not terribly impressed; like I said, it’s like Harry Potter to me. No stoning me for that comment, please. It is my opinion.

Really, couldn’t she use words like, I don’t know, magnificent, superb… Or open the thesaurus to find words that mean the same as perfect that might be suitable to describe Edward’s looks… It gets boring and repetitive…

And you really can’t say Bella’s lost for words, could you? I mean, the books are thick and it is mostly written from her point of view, after all!

I have also decided I’m too lazy to criticize the book on my blog. I could just copy and paste my conversations that I have on MSN here, I suppose… Still, too lazy to even find them. 😛

Maybe I would, one day. Who knows.

I do feel like counting how many times she uses the word perfect. Circle them with pink highlighters.

Who cares; they’re my books after all!!

I mean, my copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is not furiously highlighted… The areas where Hermione was going on about house elves rights. It’s really funny. And, I suppose, it’s like America trying to shove the idea of democracy down people who don’t agree with the idea’s throats. You really can’t force people to accept the right that you think they should have when they don’t want it, right?

I mean, you have a choice whether you want to exercise the rights or not, surely?

And surely I have the right to color my books, even if there are only words in it instead of pictures?

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