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I told my mother recently that I would like to donate my organs when I die. If it is possible anyway.

You know how she responded?

She laughed. And was grateful she wasn’t driving (the rare times where I drove when she’s around. Thank Goodness she no longer trusts my driving. Hehehe) because we would have been in an accident or something.


She thinks it is the funniest thing that have ever came out of my mouth.

How supportive of her.

Reason for her uncontrollable laughter?

“You get so angry when someone wants to take just a vial of your blood because you don’t think it is right to see something that is supposed to be in your body out of it. And now you want to donate your organs???”


See here, I have no problems with blood that oozes out due to some cut or whatever; no problem at all. Okay, so long as the cut wasn’t done deliberately.

See, poking the needle into my skin is not done accidentally; it is a deliberate, calculated act. And to pull out the blood… Instead of letting the blood ooze out slowly…

And donating blood… The bag does the sucking of the blood, no? And then you’re given a stressball for you to pump so that your blood gets pumped into the veins faster..

It is unnatural.

And also, I would be conscious.

When donating organs, on the other hand… I would be half-dead and unconscious. I would be artificially kept alive. It’s not as if I would wake up after that and see my heart pumping.

Also, unlike blood donations, where blood could be kept out of the body for some time… The organs don’t stay out of a body that long.

I also doubt that they would be throwing around my lungs or whatever with no care like they do my blood.

Throw around, would you believe it?


Precious thing that is, alright!! Just like the heart that pumps it in my body!!

I suppose the main reason why I have no problems with organ donations is that I wouldn’t be able to see my organs being taken away or seeing it out of my body. With blood…

Seriously, wouldn’t it be more trouble to put a blood donor under GA just to get a pint of blood?

Even if there’s always a shortage of blood?

Of course, maybe if the said person have some unusual blood type and what not, who knows eh?

Still… to be conscious and see my blood pumping into a bag!! Urgh!!

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