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I had an appointment with the surgery clinic on Monday. Follow up to my burping problem. Surprisingly, they’re now taking acid reflux problem seriously. During the appointment before this, the doctor refused to give me anything but another appointment. Good thing that that day the MOs and housemen were not available and I saw a registrar. Though maybe even the MOs and housemen were around, they might suddenly want to treat me.

Nonetheless, the registrar that I saw thought it was worrying that I am  still burping after over a year. And he was serious about treating it. Yeay!!

Though I was just about to start a grand sparkling career on doing a one man show on burping. Hehehe.

Ah well.

So I was prescribed on the last PPI available to the hospital, which, wonderfully, is not covered by the government. In other words I had to purchase it. RM104 for a month supply, taken twice a day, half an hour before meal.

The half an hour before meal is a real pain in the ass.

I was also given a new diet. A diet which will be hell to follow.

I am not supposed to eat hot dishes; both temperature and spiciness. A great emphasis on the fact that I should eat cool food; not even warm!! Seriously!!

And if (ha ha. What a joke. If) I want to drink coffee or tea, make it as thin as I could.

Yeah right!! My coffee is so thick that my mother could make 3 cups according to her preference with just my one cup. Seriously, I’m not exaggerating.

He also said no NSAIDs, but that is as unlikely as it snowing in Malaysia.

Also take small meals through out the day instead of 3 big main meals.

The last one not agreeable to my mother, somewhat.

To get the cool food, he claimed that is why he gives me a medication that should be taken 30 minutes before meal. When it was time to serve the food, take one tablet. Load up my plate as if I was going to eat, and wait for 30 minutes while the medication do its job–whatever that is–and by when the time is up, the food should have cooled down.


Cool food.

Thin coffee or tea…


Maybe it’ll be worth it… to burp all the time still.

I am such a teenager, seriously. Now with the list of should-not-dos… I started eating Scottish Porridge that my mother got for herself. Warm one, of course.

And I don’t even like oats!!


I’m nuts.

Seriously. Bleh…

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