McCall Smith

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I don’t think I’ve published this in my blog, but there have been times that I say I would love to study in University of Edinburgh and do an LL.M in medical law just so that I could have Alexander McCall Smith as one of my tutors. I mean, how cool would it be that you have a best selling author as your tutor? And a best seller for fiction books, not textbooks of your course.

Though now that I have read one of his books–44 Scotland Street–I am grateful I didn’t do something silly. Also, to specialize in medical law… Nahhh…

I doubt I would be concentrating on his classes. I would be wondering how in the world does he find the time being an emeritus professor and write so many stories.

My God…

The first time I knew of his existence was because of 44 Scotland Street. I found the title amusing, since when I first saw the book, I just got back from Penang. In Penang, there’s this road call Jalan Scotland; jalan means road in Malay.

And our house number is number 44.


I was curious about it, but I never got round buying the book.

However, when I did Health Care Law, one of the recommended texts was Mason & McCall Smith’s Law and Medical Ethics, though my tutor made snide comments on it on how McCall Smith left from writing the book for more lucrative writing projects…


The first and only sign of jealousy that came from that guy. In my first year, I thought jealousy is a foreign concept to that guy. Now, I know better. Hehehe.

It’s amazing how he can find time to balance the academic and the fiction writing. And it’s like, he produces a lot of fiiction stories. It’s just amazing.

And there’s so many wacky characters in 44 Scotland Street. Goodness, where does he find the ideas?

Good thing that I wasn’t crazy enough.


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