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I am ow in Seremban… accompanied my mother here for some workshop crap. She insisted that I come as she doesn’t know the way to the hotel. Sigh. So my laptop at home is unrepaired till Tuesday, as I would need to go to the hospital on Monday. Which reminds me, I need to get my supply of meds then.

So now I am using her laptop. An old 12 inch one… with the somewhat square screen; not those widescreens… So there is not much space for the keyboard. I don’t know; I feel it is quite cramped. And since it is not a Dell, some of the keys are located differently, though not the main ones. Just the arrow buttons and such. I still hate the British/European querty keyboards with the inverted commas (“) being at no2 and the @ at where the inverted comma is supposed to be and all. What logic did you all use there? Seriously!!

But it remains, this keyboard sucks. I keep hitting the up arrow key when I want to hit “shift” on my right.  Sigh. I hate small laptops; which is why my dream laptop is the 17 inch wonder of MacBook Pro. *dreams* Hahaha.

I was showing this clip of Jo Brand’s standup to Amni… talking about marriages. What I really love about it is when she was talking about women and men; how we see each other differently. She said “…men view women differently from the way women view men. A lot of men view women as sex object, whereas women view men as useful objects. The other night, I left my husband bent over, like this, with a burnt back. Well, the ironing board was broken, what can I do?”

Hahaha. Somehow quite true.

And it’s like, true, no? That we women prefer things over sex, no?

Well, at least it is with me anyway.

Oh, here’s the clip:

I just love her.

Anyway, yes; me. I told a friend that “I want a Mac as bad as you want to shag David Tennant.” The said friend is rather horny right now; probably ovulating. I’m just counting the days till she announces that she wants to watch Doctor Who. I would definitely mark the date on my calender.

I also got more and more descriptive in describing how bad I want a Mac and how satisfied I would feel when I do get the MacBook…

Definitely would be better than an orgasm, I think.

And my preferences of things over sex also is in the academic field.

How, you might ask?

I prefer studying theft over sexual offences.


I am one consistent person.



But yeah, I do hate this laptop; the fact that it doesn’t have firefox (I can’t install it because the Admin account for the laptop is password protected and I’ve no idea what the password is), it uses old version of most things, I need to use Windows Messanger… There’s not much songs in it… The complains goes on and on.

However, at least it is a laptop and I can connect onto the internet through it. And that it emits light that enable me to read or at the very least see what I could be seeing, unlike a book.

I brought 4 books along with me. However, my mother can’t sleep without the lights on (total opposite of me), so the only place I could read the book would be in the bathroom.

Even though I’m in a hotel, I don’t fancy reading in toilets/bathroom unless I’m pooping. Hahaha. And even that I would only read magazines. You know… To pass the time. 😛

Oh I would never use the laptop while I’m the washroom though. Crazy!! Would be worried sick if water might touch it.

Someone once told me that you could actually pour water on a Mac and it wouldn’t affect it at all; it’s waterproof. Wow. I wonder… Must ask them!! 😀

Though I banned myself from entering an Apple shop for fear of wiping out my credit card and purchasing one.

Kinda sucks, sometimes, that my mother didn’t put a limit to the card.

Need to be soooo strong not to tempt myself. Sigh.

So, no going into an Apple Store.

Heck, I usally try to make sure I don’t even pass it directly… like go to the other corridor. Look from afar; that kind, you know?

My mother would just slaughter me and turn me into haggis if I got a MacBook. Especially after paying RM600 to extend the guarantee for my laptop.

Sigh… I miss it so much.

Oh well…

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