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If you look at the right hand side of my blog, scrolling down… I’ve recategorized my links.

Like most of my categories, it’s kinda weird… And they’re titles of songs.

I use anything from titles of books or quotes than I find funny or just one words for the names of my categories… I have no consistency in that, to be honest.

I do explain why I picked the three songs I picked… but I realized that it doesn’t show…

So just to inform you what the categories mean here…

I Stand By You (Carrie Underwood):
Causes I believe in. The song was sung by Ms Underwood at the Idol Gives Back show. I thought of using Just A Dream for some reason, but then it was written for the Iraq War soldiers’ spouses… So forget about it even though it’s a beautiful song.

The Wizard and I (Wicked):
Somewhat (an emphasis on this) famous websites/blogs I follow. The “famous” factor could be due to the author or the website/blog itself. Song sung by the character Elphaba in the musical Wicked where she imagines the day when she meets the Wizard and become famous herself. My interpretation anyway.

This is the Life (Amy Macdonald):
Buddies who blog. I saw an interview of Amy Macdonald where she said she wrote the song after a night out with friends… And the videoclip showed clips of she and her friends on a night out. Somehow somewhat fits, no? And their blog is mostly about their life…

Kepohable is still the main link group; those miscellaneous links which I don’t think suit the other 3 and too silly to be starting a new category for.

And “My other blogs” is quite straightforward, right?

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