Initially, I thought of giving this post the title of “office”… However, I thought that might be a little too posh for someone who hasn’t even applied for a job, right?

So, I thought, cubicle should do the trick.

When I was younger, I wanted to be in the performing arts industry. I don’t know why. Theatre, those kind, you know? Weirdly, I cannot stand Shakespeare. Sonnet 18 remains the only work of Shakespeare that I’ve read. And good thing too; it came out in my year for SPM. 

I didn’t do literature, which is how I avoided reading MacBeth.

I didn’t bother reading Merchant of Venice for one of my Understanding Law seminars. Not really because it was Shakespeare but more because I don’t really care about the module. Hahaha.

I was curious about Romeo and Juliet after listening to Taylor Swift’s Love Story, but now I can’t be bothered. Hahaha.

Difficult, I suppose, to hate Shakespeare and to want to be in the performing arts?

Though probably if you want to be in the classical theatre type things.

My Law School hoodie’s “name” is “Wanted to do a BFA.” Bachelor of Fine Arts, not whatever else you can come up with.

I wanted to go to an American college though; not a drama school in Britain.

Probably because I hate Shakespeare. Hahaha.

However, my mother absolutely refuse to allow me to do anything other than a professional degree, with the exception of Economics.

I picked the only one in the list that didn’t require mathematics; law. Initially, I was planning to practice and all… but after some time and after doing an attachment in a corporate law firm (and after being bored to death by Company Law), I decided that practicing corporate law is not the way for me.

Nonetheless, by that time, I didn’t think that I would be content with going to performing arts anymore.

Why? The reason is the title of this post.

I want a permanent place where I would come and sit and do my work. Regardless of the fact that I currently don’t have a study table in my room (though I really want one now), I love having one. And to decorate it and personalize my personal space…

I really can’t wait!!

It would really be me doing the decorating. I mean, surely there is not that much furniture the office would give, considering that I am expecting more of just a desk, a desktop and a chair, and that’s it. Maybe some drawers, but really, nothing much.

Unlike my room, which my mother was the one that picked the bed (which I hate very very much) and most of everything else. I feel like it’s not really my personal space.

And somehow, I feel like my bedsheets are no longer that comfortable. Like it has formed these balls that you get when they are already well used? Yeah, those.

I honestly wouldn’t know what I would put on my table/cubicle when I do get a job though. Hmmm… Maybe bring Cailean and put him there. Hahaha. Poor dear; get left in the office all alone. Still, I look forward to it very much. 😀

And I very much look forward to using my laptop again… Hmph. With the falling screen and all. Much nicer keyboard. Bleh…

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