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I believe strongly in that; that confusion looks better sideways.

I’m pretty much like that kitteh, staring at the scribblings on my appointment book.

There’s an appointment that writes “Dr ?”

Thanks a lot!! Now I don’t know which clinic, let alone the doctor I’m supposed to see!!

Who was the smart alec to actually wanted to write the name of the doctor I’m supposed to see–and then realize that (s)he can’t provide the name–without writing the name of the clinic instead?


It’s not as if I always get to see the doctor whose name is stated in my appointment book anyway.

The worse thing is that it is “doctor”.

I wonder how many doctors could a hospital have. Geee… Should be just a handful.


Though I suppose having “Mr” instead wouldn’t help matters since quite a number of the “doctors” I see are surgeons. But seriously!!!

Imagine calling “hello, I am not sure my appointment is with which clinic” to the operator.


Just, brilliant. Need to find someone with a question mark in his/her name.

Reminds me of that stupid joke Faliq loves by… God I can’t remember by who.


My life is really doomed, huh. That I have so many doctors that I am not sure who could be this elusive Dr ?.

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  1. Nina
    March 9, 2009 at 1:28 am

    Dr. Who?

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