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I dreamt this about the time my mother said it was alright for me to go to the UK again.

Though I should give you an introduction, somewhat.

For some reason, my mom loves the basmati in England loads. She claims that it is different from the ones we get here. Much better, apparently.

I suppose after 3 years having it in constant supply, it doesn’t impress me.

Nonetheless, it does impress my mother.

Last July, when we were coming back, we actually brought back 2kgs of basmati rice with us. In my handluggage. Which needed to be stowed above our heads.

I almost broke my glasses and my back because of it (and a ridiculously annoying old man sitting at that seat which I would love to have spent most of the flight annoying. Sadly, I fell asleep; was so bloody tired!!). Well, not just the rice; there were quite a lot of heavy things in there; but the rice didn’t help matters!!

I dreamt that my mother insisted I bring back 10kgs of basmati and I actually did break my backbone when I tried lifting my hand luggage to be stowed in the cabin… And they had to rush me to London and I could no longer work.

How sad; I haven’t started working and I could no longer work due to the broken spine. Sigh…

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