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Friday the 13th

The grand finale of the worst week of my life is finding out that the BBC iPlayer doesn’t work outside of the UK.

I am devastated that I wouldn’t be able to watch the Red Nose Day 2009 shows live as and when they are shown like I did in 2007.

Mamma Mia spoof with French and Saunders!!! Waaahhhhh!!!! I wanna watch!!!!!

Though… looking at the line up, I am thinking… probably the 2007 one was better.

Vicar of Dibley!!!! 😀

Weirdly, then I didn’t really concentrate much; I just watched it and feel amused due to the fact that they were poking fun at “leaders” of Christianity in an area… Quite like Father Ted. Hehe.

Of course there was another reason to it. Hahaha.

Pity that he wouldn’t be in this year’s line up. Sniff sniff.

Oh well.

Mamma Mia spoof would compensate it, though not much.

Still!! French and Saunders!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D


I’ll just go to bed. Cry myself to sleep.

Will recount my week tomorrow. Still need to exorcize it through the only means left; can’t bore people much with it.

Oh, and Nina; I’ll comment on your grammatically wrong comment later, but just to tell you, the Dr ? doesn’t actually go by the title Dr, annoyingly. It’s my ENT who’s a surgeon… and being a Commonwealth country, we follow the British way of calling surgeons by Mr and Ms… Super annoying, that.

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