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I’m a freak

I have to be!!!! I was more enthusiastic in finishing my reading of Mason & McCall Smith’s Law and Medical Ethics that McCall Smith’s 44 Scotland Street; with the former being a textbook and the latter being a work of fiction.


Though might help that I was reading the book for my seminar which was to be held the next day I got my hands on the Medical Ethics book…

And… Okay there’s no “and”. I don’t know why I’m so slow in reading 44 Scotland Street.

I gave up continuing it. Maybe because there’s quite a lot of characters in the book, and I haven’t read it for quite some time…

I found the character Bruce a bit too annoying…

And now I would have to read it all over again.

Though I probably could skip along…

Nonetheless, it will be after I come back from the UK.

I am still very grateful I didn’t decide to do anything crazy such as take up Medical Law in University of Edinburgh just to have him as a tutor so as to be able to say I had a best selling author as my tutor.

Seriously. Man; that’s bonkers.

And as you can see, I haven’t done my exorcism… And my bad luck remained… While I was beating a batter to make cupcakes, I broke the egg straight into the batter… and discovered that the eggs has partly rotted. Urgh!! Wasted so much butter and sugar!!!!


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