We have a room in our kitchen.

Okay not really in the kitchen. Though it is somewhat… I don’t know how to describe it. Next to it? Not really, though probably the best to describe it.

It’s supposed to be the maid’s bedroom.

However, we haven’t had a live-in maid since forever. Okay, I can’t remember, and it feels that way. It is possible that it has been 10 years.

So the room has turned into a store room.

For literally everything apart from our luggages, which remains in the “original” store room.

It has an extra freezer, a cupboard half full of my mother’s book and the other with milk and detergent (what a combination right). Outside there’s bits and pieces of everything.

Mostly plastic bags of things I’ve put aside for recycling. And there’s loads of it.

I’ve always been rather “green”, though I suppose not really the PETA or Greenpeace type. More along the lines of recycling (though with the big exception of shoes; could you really recycle them? I should really stop buying so many shoes…).

One could say I can get quite obsessive when it comes to recycling.

However, I draw the line on recycling greeting cards I’ve received from friends.

Nonetheless, I recycle the wedding invitations my mother receive. Hahaha. Such a waste, those. When you could do it via email or texts. Much more environmentally friendly.

Also a reason why, if I ever do get married, I’m eloping.

So if there’s any of my friends who reads this silly blog; really, don’t expect an invitation to a wedding from me!!

Heck, I don’t even plan to get married in the first place.

Anyway; so the room is full of the things I’ve put aside, and my mother would like to clear the room, in hopes that she would be able to get a new kitchen as soon as I get back from England. That is, I would be home, looking out at the poeple who’ll be turning our drabby, horribly lit kitchen to a better one (or at least, I hope it’ll be!!).

I don’t get my mother, who is sometimes soooo against it that she would mix the stuff I’ve put aside with our kitchen trash. I just don’t.

And she does it deliberately!!!!

I’ve put it aside, and when I go upstairs, she’ll put it with the garbage, and possibly moving some trash onto it so that I won’t be able to get it out.

She says the place is too messy already.

I think that small room is tidier than her room, but who am I to say that anyway.

Oh, I have said it. Oh well. Hahaha.

So I was googling “recycling centres in *beeeeeeeeppp* (not referring to my bunny-sheep hybrid, alright)”, and just couldn’t find a satisfying answer.

I googled all sorts of crap…

And then realized… I am in Malaysia and the official language is Malay.

Why not I google the Malay word for recycling instead. Okay, more like a term, not just a word; kitar semula.

And got more satisfying answers.

Silly silly me. Sigh.

Though I wonder if the bins are in the schools or not. Imagine wanting to enter my primary and secondary school with bags and bags of plastic bottles.


Would be interesting though!!


Oh, to my fellow Malaysians, if you’re interested in recycling, do check out


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