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Statue hunting

So I made a promise to myself that I will blog today yesterday… Am half dead; totally. Got back after 10pm… Was walking in the rain, going statue hunting with my twin-in-name after our lunch/dinner…

Took quite a number of silly pictures. However, I have to say that my enthusiasm over taking pictures has diminished drastically. Probably because in Malaysia there’s hardly anything I find fascinating to take picture of. Okay, maybe not Malaysia; I’m being unfair. Kuala Lumpur, more like it. Curse the fact that I live in the city… Okay more like a suburb… but still, near enough. Blah.

Still… on cameras… I think I might have left my charger at the East Midlands airport; had to repack my luggage because it was overweight. I don’t know… Sigh. I hope it is still at my friend’s place in East Midlands… But I’m pretty sure that I did pack it with me… Sigh.

There is an interim plan, but still… Oh, I don’t know.

Arrggghhhh!!! Too sleepy and tired.


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