Due to the daily duty of emailing my mother everyday while I am in Ireland, I am afraid that I wouldn’t be able to update my blog till I cross the RoIreland-UK border. Sorry for those who have been bugging me for it. I know I haven’t updated on my going ons since I arrived in London. Sooooo sorry!!

When I was free,  it was the first time in my life I ever had to fight for the internet connection. Actually, laptop as well since my computer reufse to connect to the LAN at Faliq’s. Quite annoying. And I was too lazy to type out the entries, so instead I cooked and cleaned and sleep most of the time. Hahaha.

Though I will try my best when I arrive in Connacht tomorrow.

I draw the line at telling which city I will be… too specific to my taste. Instead, I will use the area instead. Currently am in Munster, was in Leinster, and will be in Ulster after Connacht. Those who know me should be able to figure out where these places are. When in England and Scotland… I’ll figure out later.

Though will update my timeline later after I leave the places. Control freak? Obsessive? Paranoid?

All of the above, probably. However, I just think it is my right to keep things private, and those I want to know already know about my whereabouts…

God, the babies in the advertisement now is so bloody cute!! Bank of Ireland advert. Hahaha.

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