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I’m shit scared of them.

Even my really sweet, soft spoken tutor whom I used as a referee when I was applying to Queen’s Belfast.

I have no problems during tutorials, but when I see them afterwards for any questions or whatsoever… I get scared.

I was shit scared when I was walking to the Law School today, when I was going to pass my thank you gifts to them. Was so bloody relieved that none of them were in their room, but at the same time panicky that I wouldn’t be able to see two of them that I would like to ask to be my referee. I don’t know how to put it in words, to explain why I have been keeping quiet. But at the same time, I don’t want to bother them unless I need them. Feel bad for not contacting them and wanting to update them. What the hell… I don’t know what is wrong with me; why I have such complicated feelings towards academics.

You would think having a mother who’s an academic and see them at a social level would make me feel comfortable with them, but noooo!!! I feel awkward and don’t want to bother them at all.

But at the same time, I feel guilty for just going up to them and ask for a favour just like that.

Oh, I don’t know. Sigh. Oh well…

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On the train

May 7, 2009 Leave a comment

With WiFi!! So cool!! I love National Express East Coast (NXEC) 😀 I knew that it had internet since last year, when I was taking the train from York to Edinburgh. Currently at Edinburgh Waverley… I sooooooooo feel like getting out of the train instead of going downsouth. I love Edinburgh, even though, apparently, I have a Glaswegian accent when I respond to the Scottish. I blame watching Rab C Nesbitt for that. Hahaha.

Sigh… The train is moving now… Trying to get the last glimpses of Edinburgh. God knows when will I be coming here again. It saddens me that when I was leaving Edinburgh for Glasgow, I did it in such in a rush, with no ceremony whatsoever. I suppose… Oh, no use of blaming the tour guide; he didn’t want me to arrive in Glasgow too late, which was why he dropped me off at the hostel where I left my things. Still… Like… I don’t know. Ah well. I’m leaving Scotland now; no point of thinking so much about it. Note to self: Things that you didn’t do in Edinburgh, you wouldn’t be able to do it anyway if you stayed on or went back while you were in Glasgow; the cost money and it is something you don’t have much left. And you did look around Edinburgh the night before you went for the Highlands tour. Just, don’t think about it. Yes, Glasgow suck; and those who has lived in both Glasgow and Cardiff are big lunatics. Sorry, Sumitra. I know you’re barely surviving… but. Oh, I don’t know.

Okay, how about this; those that voluntarily choose to work in Cardiff; like aim to get a job in either Cardiff or Glasgow when they’ve lived in the other city before. Seriously!!!

East end of Glasgow? Dodgy like hell!! It’s like London on a smaller scale. Seriously!! And since I am not a big fan of London… no surprise I don’t exactly like Glasgow, right? And it doesn’t help that their parks are nothing like London’s. I definitely prefer London over Glasgow. Bleh.

Though, to be fair to the Glaswegian and Glasgow city itself…  It is beautiful if you like architecture. It is really something; to see so many details on the building. Of course they’re no Rosslyn Chapel. Still!! Do look up when you’re in Glasgow to appreciate the city better. Of course, that’ll be quite difficult when you wear glasses and it rains constantly… Still, it is nice in that way. And there’s so many museums and art galleries there; you’ll definitely like it if arts is your thing. And it you like Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s work… there’s planty of those there. The Willow Tea Rooms that he designed… people say that it is not the cheapest place to have a cuppa. True. However, I found the prices were just about the same as the chain coffeehouse–Starbucks, Costa, etc–prices. So if you are willing to pay those kind of prices already, why not enjoy it at some pretty place? I didn’t go in because it was already late; arrived at about 4.30 and it closes at 5pm. So I just looked at the prices. Hahaha.

But overall… I don’t like Glasgow. It also didn’t help that at the Kelvingrove Art Museum and Gallery, they had a Doctor Who exhibition (no idea how much I’ve mentioned on this blog on how much I hate that show; and I admit I don’t watch it. But just wait… I’ll blab about it. Oh, and Nina; not sure if I blogged about this, but the elusive “Dr ?” wasn’t even a doctor!! Well, he is, but he no longer goes by the title Dr anymore; he’s a surgeon. Should have been “Mr ?”. Or maybe it is a sign that I will be getting lower ranked ENT later on. Hmmm…) and people, for some weird reason, kept asking me for the direction to the exhibition. I don’t get it; does any of the character wear a bright turquoise coat, a skirt with somewhat crocheted pattern, flower-patterned tights with flats and a barret-like hat? Seriously man. Because I so didn’t look like those people who worked in the museum, who mostly wore black slacks and black shirt. It was so bloody annoying!! When I was downstairs, I wanted to have a sign stating “I look lost because I do NOT want to go into the Doctor Who exhibition; I am here just to kill time while I wait for a friend to finish her classes.”

Seriously man…

And shouldn’t they not ask someone who looks lost? The worst kind of person to ask directions from!!

I felt like God was trying to ask me to get out of the museum by the time this old man asked me “aren’t you going for the Doctor Who exhibition, love?”


I so felt like skinning the guy alive.

Nonetheless, I got the message and got out of the museum; into the rain.


In conclussion; if you’re not a big fan of architecture, arts and Doctor Who, avoid Glasgow like a plague!!!!! There’s nothing there!!!!!

And now, I am going to pack my laptop, go to the washroom and read the wonderful book by Kate Morton titled The Forgotten Garden. Quite dark but I quite like it. 😀 I would recommend it.

Would be typing the entries on Microsoft Words and post it from Amni’s laptop when she’s not using the internet.


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My dear blog,

I am sorry that I have had a super duper long hiatus, and will continue to do so. I’ve been extremely tired every night and when I am on the computer, there’s always something to do. Probably when I am down south–though I’ll be north of England–when I am lazing about, I might be typing the entries, though I would probably end up sleeping all the time in Amni’s room, apart from making for her karipaps. Going to practice till I can be snobbish about it when I return to Malaysia. Hahaha.

I will be going to the Scottish Highlands tomorrow.

God, I’ve been to so many tours, things are starting to just blend in together.

Though I somewhat enjoy the Irish tours more than the Scottish. I don’t know why. Hmmm… Probably because it is more scenary than buildings? I don’t know. And Ireland’s just more beautiful, I guess? Hahaha. Of course, they’re equally beautiful. I loved the tour to the Kingdom of Fife though. Oh, that’s in Scotland. Haha. The first tour I went to–the Ring of Kerry–was just so and so. I absolutely loved Galway and the two tours I took from there. Cliffs of Moher was amazing, and so was Connemara, though I prefer the Cliffs more. Probably because I could see the Atlantic. OMG I love the Atlantic. Just so beautiful!!! If I were to throw myself into a body of water, I would love to do that on the West Coast of Ireland. Connemara was awesome too; so many sheep!!!! Hahahaha. God, if I was off the bus, I would have tried to catch one of the spring lambs. They’re so adorable!!

And I find, somehow, spring lambs from different region walk differently. I can’t remember the English and Scottish difference, but I do remember the Irish spring lambs run as if they don’t know that they own knees. They look like wooden toys when they run. The British ones know that they own those joins we call knees, but one of them move the left or right legs together, while the other move the front or back legs together. Found it weird.

Oh, and Irish cows? They’re super disciplined!!!!!! Seriously!! I saw God knows how many farms when I was on the bus to move from city to city where the cows would line up in a single file. I’ve no idea what for; but the line would be really straight.


And to think that when I was in school, my classmates and I couldn’t do that.

Shame on us!!

Though I don’t see the British cows acting the same way. Hahaha =P

Enough bullshitting; I’m going to bed now. Long day tomorrow and I have to repack some of my stuff. Going to be leaving my backpack and my luggage. I bought 3 sheep. Hahaha. One of them’s quite big and cost me 35 quid. Hahaha. Fully handmade though. I absolutely love her.