My dear blog,

I am sorry that I have had a super duper long hiatus, and will continue to do so. I’ve been extremely tired every night and when I am on the computer, there’s always something to do. Probably when I am down south–though I’ll be north of England–when I am lazing about, I might be typing the entries, though I would probably end up sleeping all the time in Amni’s room, apart from making for her karipaps. Going to practice till I can be snobbish about it when I return to Malaysia. Hahaha.

I will be going to the Scottish Highlands tomorrow.

God, I’ve been to so many tours, things are starting to just blend in together.

Though I somewhat enjoy the Irish tours more than the Scottish. I don’t know why. Hmmm… Probably because it is more scenary than buildings? I don’t know. And Ireland’s just more beautiful, I guess? Hahaha. Of course, they’re equally beautiful. I loved the tour to the Kingdom of Fife though. Oh, that’s in Scotland. Haha. The first tour I went to–the Ring of Kerry–was just so and so. I absolutely loved Galway and the two tours I took from there. Cliffs of Moher was amazing, and so was Connemara, though I prefer the Cliffs more. Probably because I could see the Atlantic. OMG I love the Atlantic. Just so beautiful!!! If I were to throw myself into a body of water, I would love to do that on the West Coast of Ireland. Connemara was awesome too; so many sheep!!!! Hahahaha. God, if I was off the bus, I would have tried to catch one of the spring lambs. They’re so adorable!!

And I find, somehow, spring lambs from different region walk differently. I can’t remember the English and Scottish difference, but I do remember the Irish spring lambs run as if they don’t know that they own knees. They look like wooden toys when they run. The British ones know that they own those joins we call knees, but one of them move the left or right legs together, while the other move the front or back legs together. Found it weird.

Oh, and Irish cows? They’re super disciplined!!!!!! Seriously!! I saw God knows how many farms when I was on the bus to move from city to city where the cows would line up in a single file. I’ve no idea what for; but the line would be really straight.


And to think that when I was in school, my classmates and I couldn’t do that.

Shame on us!!

Though I don’t see the British cows acting the same way. Hahaha =P

Enough bullshitting; I’m going to bed now. Long day tomorrow and I have to repack some of my stuff. Going to be leaving my backpack and my luggage. I bought 3 sheep. Hahaha. One of them’s quite big and cost me 35 quid. Hahaha. Fully handmade though. I absolutely love her.

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