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How old am I again?

Maybe I shouldn’t be angry that people think I am much younger due to my hairstyle.

Especially considering now I’m listening to mostly boybands… poppish songs, that kind, you know? And reading fantasies and teenage books. Like when I was in MPH, I actually prefer going upstairs to the fantasy for kids section instead of downstairs. Probably because it is just next to Sci-Fi books, but what the heck. I prefer those kind of fantasies; aimed at teenagers, more than adults.

I went to bring the car for servicing on Monday, and the guy asked me what was I doing now, since it was a weekday. I was saying I am searching for a job. He had a surprised look and said that he saw a receptionist job advertised somewhere nearby. Shocked, I was like, “but I already have a degree!!”

His turn to look shocked. He thought I looked sixteen, but thought again since I was driving. He wondered why I didn’t have P stickers on the car. Told him I was 23.

“You don’t look like you’re even 20.”

This coming when I finally gave up and admit, I am getting older; no longer a teenager but in my twenties. An adult.

And this, I was wearing make up. When I was in Scotland, people thought I was 16 as well… Just finished O-levels or something. However, I don’t think they were sitting for O-levels yet when I was in Scotland, since I was there about the end of April, early May. Some of them felt obliged to keep an eye on me. Sometimes, when I climb some wall so as to get somewhere faster, once I get off, someone would feel obliged to scold me, and usually include “you teenagers don’t know if it is too dangerous for you to do things,” to which I would reply, “but I’m 23; I checked whether I could climb it properly before I did!!”

Weirdly, they were usually Americans. Do Americans treat their 16 year olds like kids?

Pity they found it difficult to believe in Dublin… If not it would have been easier when I was going for the Guinness Storehouse, where I refused to pay the extra 2 Euros since I don’t plan to taste Guinness; it sounds bitter.

On music… Arrgggghhhh!!! I can’t stop listening to McFly’s All About You. It is quite old… I mean, it was on their Wonderland album and was the official Comic Relief song in 2005. That is quite old; I was doing my A-levels still when it came out as a single. I tried playing other songs, put my iTunes on shuffle… But still I go back to that catchy song. I’ve no bloody idea why!! It is a sweet song though. And it was played at the Make Poverty History campaign as well. Knew the song but wasn’t really addicted to it. Like, oh, it’s a sweet song. Didn’t really know McFly then as well. Some people might know them from the Just My Luck movie. However, I didn’t watch it. I knew McFly due to the 2007 Comic Relief show. They wrote the awesome Sofa, Hyundai, Administration song on the “special” episode of Top Gear. A ridiculously funny and catchy song. Hahaha.

Arrggghhhh!!! It is almost hitting 600 now. Oh shit!!

If only there was a studio version of Amy Macdonald’s Next Big Thing… Might take over McFly’s song. Hmmm…

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