Harry Potter

I got myself a copy of CLEO a few days back, and was flipping through it when I saw the seen & heard collumn… And saw “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” amongst the Watch it movies.

I was like… it’s coming out already? But I haven’t read the 6th book!!

I only bought it a few months ago, mainly because I had vouchers from MPH. Was hoping the reduction of pounds would make the book to cost like… I don’t know. RM25, maybe? Though I think I ended up paying less than that… I’m not sure.

I refused to buy the hard cover editions. I bought the 5th book as hardcover, but I ended up regretting it. Admittedly, I got it for less than the price of the paperback now. Still… Anyone who wants a hard cover copy of the adult’s cover of the book, do contact me. Maybe we could come to an agreement about it. Anyway, so yeah, I decided, fine, I would wait for the paperbacks to come out. In the mean time, if I want to read it, I could read the pdf version someone sent me. I have all of the 7 books in soft copies. However, I haven’t read any of them. And since I like books, I would buy them anyway. I would kill trees for this.

So, I thought, fine, I’ll start reading the 6th book. Started reading today.

Funny, that I didn’t feel like reading it when I was in Edinburgh. Well, not really a big fan of Harry Potter (reading it more because everyone reads it. I just like reading what everyone’s reading, so in a way I am one step above them; I’ve read what they’ve read, and I read what I want to read), but most people would want to know about it, right? After all, JK Rowling started writing the books there. During the walking tour, we were shown the birth place of the series; The Elephant House. Apparently, during term time, they have a sign below the “Birthplace of Harry Potter” sign saying “now serving beer” or something along those lines; the best sign amongst all the signs in front of the shop, to the tour guide anyway.

On my last evening in Edinburgh, after coming back from Linlithgow, I got hungry. Was walking along George IV Bridge after going to get a picture of Greyfriars Bobby without a lot of people there, when I saw a cafe with an even better sign than “Birthplace of Harry Potter.”

The sign? Something along the lines of “after 3pm, the cakes (and possibly pastries, I can’t remember) is half priced”. Sweeeeettt!! And it is somewhat just across the road from The Elephant House; nearer to the Royal Mile. So, if you’re from Greyfriars Bobby’s Bar, it is further down. Its name is Caffe Lucano. And the chocolate fudge cake is awesome. Hahaha. Admittedly, I didn’t enter the Elephant House. I was too full with the cake. It was quite a big slice, though I can’t remember the price. So what? It’s half price!! Awesomeness. I love stuff like that. Hehehe.

On the subject of Harry Potter movies… I absolutely don’t get why my cousin and my nieces absolutely love watching the 4th movie. They seem to loathe the 5th one, alright with the 4th, indifferent to the first two. I like the second one, because it has St Pancras there. If I miss the train station, I would watch it for a while; the scenes where they were starting to drive the car. And yes! I did take pictures of King’s Cross and St Pancras to show that the movie did use St Pancras. How dare you say that I lie!! That I do not know that I get off from St Pancras!! Time and again the train ticket states that it is “London St Pancras”, or “St Pancras International” (since now, Eurostar trains leave from St Pancras instead of Waterloo). King’s Cross is an embarrassment of a place; ridiculously ugly and plain and blah. Okay, it is not as bad as the National Theatre on South Bank, but compared to the gorgeous gothic  revival building of St Pancras, it is horrid. Functional, maybe. Not something I would be proud of. Anyway, I didn’t study on the East Coast of Britain or Scotland; I studied in East Midlands. Served by St Pancras, unless I am willing to change trains. Even though I love NXEC and their free WiFi service, the change is just too troublesome. I rather just sit down in the same train for one and 3 quarters of an hour reading a book than needing to change and get WiFi connection.

I’ll try include the pictures of King’s Cross and St Pancras at the end of this entry. Show you just how ugly King’s Cross is, and why, rightly, WB didn’t want to use the real building for the movie. On the numbering of the platform, though… I just don’t get how Rowling could make a mistake in it. It is always an even lower number and an odd higher number would be on the same stretch of platform before being seperated by train tracks. Platform one is always alone. Though, of course, there are exceptions, especially if there is an extra platform in between two platforms, which usually only happens when the train station is not the final terminus of trains. Oh well. And even better, apparently, the train tracks that go up north is from platform 1-8 only; not the ones not in the main terminal (was trying to get in there so that I could go to St Pancras, but there were barriers. So, basically, King’s Cross only has one exit and entry. Sucks!!). Still, if you’re interested–I only found the place because I was too lazy to go back, and thought, maybe the station would be like its superior (in my opinion anyway) neighbor–and is a Harry Potter freak, walk to the end of platform 8… After the place of entry to the actual platform 9-11… I think it is the next turning, which you can’t actually enter… It is the exit, if I’m not mistaken… There you would find them labelling it Platform 9 3/4, complete with a trolley halfway into the wall.

Anyway!! Fourth movie. You know that you’re so bloody jaded of the scenes, that instead of what is showing, you see instead:

– Barty Crouch, Jr doing things really unsuitable for children’s eyes (I suppose, at least not having some random phonebox in it… though it would have been more kid friendly);
– Wormtail chasing Prince Edward and being besotted with Queen Narissa, and have “True Love’s Kiss” played somewhere in the background;
– Barty Crouch, Sr kissing a vicar with a “magnificent bosom”, who brought out a bacon that’s been lodge in between his teeth for a very long time, and keeps giving graphic description of gruesome things to do with animals, instead of constantly fearing something; (Oh wow!! Like father, like son; trying to get God’s servants… tho’ worse in the “son’s” case…);
– Seeing a robot who is a thoroughly pessimistic when you hear Snape speaking (this could have kept the phonebox company, though I absolutely refuse to watch the show where the phonebox is involved, so unlikely will I ever see it in the movie. Or at least, hopefully it is unlikely…);
– And, for some reason, at the end of the movie, seeing Cedric Diggory and Moaning Myrtle walking hand in hand, together, and looking thoroughly happy with each other’s company, with Diggory having bronze hair and golden eyes…
with Bella Swan looking thoroughly pissed.

I have to admit, I like the last one best; so ridiculously random. Hahaha. Cedric Diggory, returning to life as a vampire, but instead of going after Bella Swan, he lives happily ever after with the peeping Moaning Myrtle. I suppose since his character was still Diggory–just with the facial features of Edward Cullen–he would stay with a character from the same series, surely?

Though makes me wonder what Cho Chang thinks about that? Would she be crying so much in the 5th movie if that was the case?


Maybe I do watch quite a lot of shows. Hmmm…

Anyway, the red bricked building is St Pancras. It is quite long, and I couldn’t get an angle that had its name. Actually, there is a picture with “St Pancras International” sign on it, but it is from a part of it made from glass and not really the best part of it. And all my 3 years plus the 10 weeks I was there… so, in a way, 4 years that I’ve seen St Pancras… I’ve never actually seen it without any construction site. It is like it would never end.

And the other picture… I made sure that you could see the name King’s Cross. So dull and boring, right? How could it survive being beside such a magnificent building day in and out. Though, I suppose, would be more saddening if it was the National Theatre next to the Gherkin or something. Hahaha.

St PancrasKing's Cross

Edit: Somehow I find it weird and easier to understand some of the goings on in Harry Potter after living in the UK for i3 years. The last time I read it, I was still in school. Though, really… I keep laughing and feel the need to say it out loud and make it sound ridiculously chavvy when I see any of the characters say “innit”. Absolutely no idea why.

And I keep hearing my Criminal tutor’s voice reading it to me…

Well, at least not my Criminal Justice tutor, I suppose.

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