They say that you need to drive before you know the roads well.

However, I feel like the city I know the roads best is Glasgow.

Yes, that city which I dislike that is on the West of Scotland.

And I definitely did not drive there. Wouldn’t have had the money to rent a car.

I, however, walked around there.

Heck, I could still tell you how to get to Glasgow Queen Street from Glasgow Central. Walk along the road, turn left, and then second right, and when you get to George Square, turn left and cross the roads, and voila!! Glasgow Queen Street. Apparently, Edinburgher call it the best building in Glasgow, since it gets them to Edinburgh. Hehe. I don’t particularly like that train station; prefer Glasgow Central. For some reason, every time I get lost in Glasgow, I would try find my way to Glasgow Central. I found it comforting, somehow.

I did walk around quite a lot in Glasgow. Of course I was broke, but I hated taking the bus in an unfamiliar city even more. And I underestimated Glasgow’s size quite a bit. Of course, that would be acceptable on your first day… but what the heck were you doing walking around the place for 3 whole days?

Seriously, Nani, you must be insane!!

I, of course, made sure I avoided all the hills in Glasgow. It was impossible to avoid them in Edinburgh, but very possible in Glasgow.

I did walk from Glasgow’s west end to merchant city, which my friend thought insane, especially in the rain. I was soaking wet most of the time I was in Glasgow. You would have thought I was swimming all the time there. I also walked to the east end (which really was like the east end of London), though not on the same day as I tackled the west.

It also helps that I had a map of Glasgow, as compared to a map of PJ.

I was feeling quite panicky last Monday when I was sending the car for servicing. I didn’t recognize the area. Yes, I’ve been there… but… I don’t know. Wasn’t sure. I couldn’t remember the way. I just hoped Google Map was right… but still I panicked, until I saw the big Toyota sign.

I’ve lost count on the amount of times I got lost in KL, regardless of how many times I’ve been there and how detailed the instructions my cousin gave me.

The only places that I am confident enough to drive on my own would be places that I’ve walked around before, or those places that I’ve helped navigate by giving directions.

And even then, sometimes even when I’ve driven there… I still doubt where I am going.

I do find it frustrating, that I know Glasgow, which I was there for only 3 days, better than I know a city which I’ve been living for over 20 years. It is ridiculous. However, I now believe that you need to walk around first before you know the place well.

Pity that the crime rate here is higher than Glasgow. Or maybe not; it’s just that I feel less safe here than in Glasgow. No bloody idea why. Maybe because I felt so much hatred at the place that if someone did approach me there, I would have just bit their head off.

It was as if the dark clouds in the sky wasn’t enough; I had to bring my own.

Probably why it was so rainy when I was in Glasgow. Hmmm…

Sorry, Sumi!!

Oh, wait… I think I know the area around Leicester Square better. Hmmm. However, that area is tiny compared to Glasgow… So, I suppose it doesn’t count. Who the heck would drive around that area anyway? Chinatown there? Hmmm… Ah well…

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