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1000 books everyone must read

I found the title fascinating.

1000 books everyone must read.

I have emphasized on the everyone and must.

Oh, here’s the link to the article, and here’s the list. I linked the “main page” of the article, so that you could browse through all of them.

It was written by the Guardian, a British newspaper.

Basically, the formula is that you read a book a month, and then maybe another extra one during holiday season… Maybe you would be able to read a thousand books in your lifetime. I say, Londoners have no reason to avoid this. Every time I get on the tube, I get so angry with the people who just stare into space, doing nothing. Seriously man, start bring a book around with you and don’t waste time!! I thought to myself once, if there’s one reason to live in London, it is the Underground; so that I would be able to read while commuting to work, instead of in KL, where you would have to drive. Though when I was taking the LRT during my short stint near KLCC, I read while I was commuting, much to the annoyance of other people since I would need slightly more extra space.

Anyway, on the formula. So, the aim is 1000 books… with 13 books per year.

How many years would that take?

1000 divide by 13 would equal to 76.923077; aprrox 77 years.

That is, of course, assuming that you could read from the day you were born. The overall life expectancy in the UK is about 78.7 and79.4… depending on the list you see; I gave you both figures that is listed out in wikipedia. I know; don’t trust wiki too much ladida. I’m not writing a paper here!! For this purposes, lets assume the figure is correct.

Taking the bigger figure, you would only have about 2 years to learn how to read, if you don’t start reading immediately.


Though, to be honest, I am not really on a mission to mock the figures in the article. Oh no; someone who is horrid in maths and hate the subject shouldn’t be doing that.

I found the list when I was trying to figure out what books should I get before I arrive in London. The Londoner in me see that I would be bored out of my mind there; I haven’t experienced being a tourist in London. Like all “Londoners”, the Londoner in me takes the touristy things for granted. Hence feeling bored out of my mind every time I am there. I usually feel like going to the theatre and just rot at home before that. How exciting!!

I showed to another friend, and we laughed our head offs. These are the books everyone must read?

Okay, fine.

However, quite a number of the books are actually out of print. Which makes me wonder… how are we to read the books if they’re out of print, then? There are quite a lot there are still in print, of course… but… they say must read all 1000 books!!

Of course, there is absolutely no way would I read sci-fi books. Yes, I do read fantasy, and there’s quite a thin line to it, but still!! It is an important line nonetheless.

I am trying to see just how many of the books I’ve read, and how many I do own but have yet find the time to read it. However, it is quite difficult to do, so I’m going to ask my mother to print it out. Oh, the printer at home broke down. Annoyingly, she wants to get an iPhone, which she soooo doesn’t need, but is reluctant to get a printer. Seriously man!!

We’ll see how tomorrow.

I definitely have read at least one of the books… and own at least 10. Oh well… at least. Hehehe.

OMG they don’t have Life of Pi by Yann Martel!! That book is an absolute must read by everyone!! Tsk tsk tsk.

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